10 Best Filipino Stand up Comedians: Comedians Stars That Will Make You Laugh

Jul 28, 2021
The comedy industry in the Philippines is growing day after day with the many famous and growing stars. This blog will name 10 best Filipino stand up comedians!

Who does not love watching Philippino hilarious stories? Well, we guess nobody! To make us laugh, stand up comedians in the Philippines need to possess certain qualities, talent, and knowledge of the country and the world's comedy tastes. 

In this article, Corner4men.com will list the ten best Filipino stand up comedians and five growing stars at the moment. Let's find out who they are!

List of 10 Best Filipino Stand up Comedians

Stand-up comedy is embraced in many countries in the world, including the Philippines. Here is our Filipino stand up comedian list with the names that have brought laughter to many people in this country.

Alex Calleja

When people listen to Alex's stand-up comedy, they might ask themselves: "God! I wonder why I have never thought of that!", simply because his stories are so familiar with our daily lives. Listening to the jokes of this Filipino stand up comedian male, and you will always laugh and remember the first time you hear his hilarious stories. 

Alex has a really special talent: to find something funny in everything, from daily life in Manila, difficulties in marriages, or even the hardships of being Zombies.   

Alex Calleja stand up comedian

Alex Calleja tickles his audience with jokes from many topics

Marlon Olivan

With a Chinese-Filipino background, Marlon can make comedies on both sides. There are not many comedians who dare to speak what they mean without caring about the consequences, but Marlon is one of them. 

GB Labrador

What makes people love GB is his unique perspectives of life and the ability to make everything funny. One friend of his also describes him as someone who looks at the world with the eyes of a child. 

GB can make his audience feel like he is their old friend, and this is one of the biggest reasons why they keep coming to his shows again and again. Some also say that while listening to his jokes, you can feel like you and him know each other because only you - his audience and him can understand the jokes he made.

GB Labrador

GB Labrador can turn any normal life situation into hilarious jokes

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Victor Anastacio

Victor can make his audience longing for more jokes and keep them paying attention to what he says because his comedy is really funny. When he gets into some topics, he can turn it into something different with his strange perspective, and as you guess, the audience loves this. 

Have you ever gone to a comedy show and listened to familiar jokes that you might already heard from somewhere else? This could not be happening if you go to the show of Victor - the best comedian in the Philippines that can make his comedy 100% new and original. 

Derf Hebrado

Derf Hebrado, a male Filipino comedian, has been seen as the Filipino version of stand-up comedian Stephen Wright. Some also joke that Derf and Stephen Wright's difference is that Derf has hair on his head when Stephen doesn't. 

This comedian is a veteran of both improv and stand-up. He has amused his audience with his own "derfisms" and one-liners. 

Derf Hebrado

Derf Hebrado is like the version of Stephen Wright in the Philippines

Mike Unson

Mike can funnily mimic people as he is an experienced comedian. When making jokes, he likes to talk about how ridiculous some stupid people are and cheer up the crowd.

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James Caraan

James can make you feel familiar, and his jokes are about the problems of being single or the funny parts about the social media generation. Sometimes, he can make you laugh when just setting up a joke or giving you an unpredictable twist. 

Red Ollero

One thing to remember about Red Ollero is his love for fat jokes. We know this topic can be a little bit annoying for some people, but he can make you laugh even when you do not agree with what he says. He is one of not-so-many Philippines stand up comedians who can do such a good job at this kind of joke. 

Red Ollero

Red Ollero is famous for his fat jokes

Tim Tayag

Tim is one of the most talented stand-up comedians in the Philippines, and his jokes are around several topics, from funny travel stories to extremely sarcastic jokes. His comedy is not only for entertainment, but it can also be thought-provoking.

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Ryan Rems Sarita

Ryan is funny and junky. Most of his jokes are about drugs and stuff like that. Even in a conservative country like the Philippines, he is talented enough to make people laugh when talking about taboo topics. While listening to his jokes, you can easily follow his story and punchlines. 

5 Up-And-Coming Stand-Up Comedian Philippines to Check Out

Besides the ten famous comedians listed above, several new stand-up comedians have gained attention from the crowd. Here are the five potential names:

Andrew Orolfo

Andrew once made his audience laugh with jokes about his man bun and then introduced toys into the bedroom. Recently, he was the last comedian that took the stage in "Jo Koy: In His Element." Because of Covid, Andrew has been doing comedy online for his audience. 

Joey Guila

Leaving his cosmetology career behind, Joey chose to use laughter as a medicine for his followers. This guy can make people laugh easily with his jokes, and currently, he has more than 10,000 fans following him on his Instagram accounts.

Ron Josol

Ron is one of the representatives of Asian-Amerian comedy outside of the US. He was once featured on "Pinoy Comedy'' as more and more people started to like his style of comedy.

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Bernadette Balagtas

Bernadette is one of the female comedians Philippines that has gained noticeable success. As a Filipino immigrant who used to come and live in the US, she can make a comedy about this topic well. 

Bernadette Balagtas

Bernadette Balagtas is a stand up comedian Philippines



Edwin San Juan

Edwin is famous for his ethnic jokes as he has multicultural experiences. At the moment, he has nearly 12,000 followers on Instagram. 

Filipino Stand up Comedians: Verdict

Like other international comedian stars from anywhere else, many talented stand up comedians in the Philippines have their styles of jokes and interesting topics. 

Besides the well-known comedians, many new Filipino stand up comedians are getting more attention because of their unique colors. As these new stars are younger, they tend to know more about the younger generation’s interests and have unlimited potential to grow and shine. 

We guess that’s enough to clear you for the names of the top comedian stars in the Philippines. Let’s pick up one and enjoy watching their comedy shows!

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