Top 5 Most Beautiful Woman In The Philippines - The Finals

Jul 28, 2022
Are you seeking the latest top 5 most beautiful woman in the Philippines? Wonder who has the most charming beauty? Keep reading to find out!


Women are one of the most wonderful gifts that ever exist on Earth. Every country has different standards to evaluate a woman's beauty. However, the beauty of Philippines women is something difficult to define. 

This beauty is truly beyond a normal standard. The Philippines is well-known for its beautiful beaches, islands, and tropical vibe. The Philippines women often have charming, hot, and sexy beauty, representing their country’s iconic destinations. 

If you want to explore the top 5 most beautiful woman in the Philippines and how they become popular in every beauty competition, let’s scroll down and read our article!

Top 5 Most Beautiful Woman In The Philippines 

1. Silvia Cortesi

Beautiful Woman Philippines

Silvia Cortesi Won Two National Titles: Miss Earth And Miss Universe

Who is the most beautiful woman in the Philippines 2022? Silvia Cortesi is the most stunning Philippines woman with sharp facial features. She was born in Pasay, Philippines but started her role as a model in Italy and won Miss Earth Philippines in 2018 in Rome. 

After that, she moved back to her mother country Philippines, where she built up her reputation by winning Miss Earth and Miss Universe. She appears in famous magazines and takes various photoshoots with different and unique fashion styles. 

Further, Cortesi aims to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree and gain her real estate license in the Philippines.

2. Liza Soberano

Liza Oberano Sexiest Actresses

Liza Soberano Has A Hot Face And Body Shape

Liza Soberano, one of the sexiest actresses in the world, gains second rank in this list. She was born in the USA, so her nationality is half Filipino and American. 

She has worked in various positions, including model, actress, influencer, and singer. She became popular after joining many TV shows and movies, such as Bagani, Make It With You, and Just The Way You Are. 

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3. Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto started her popularity with Kokey, a top-rated series in the Philippines; and won many awards with this film and gained public recognition. Then, she had a chance to attend a huge source of famous films and shows, such as Between Maybes, I Am U, Masked Singer, Block Z, etc. 

Besides, she is known for following a healthy lifestyle and raising people’s awareness of physical and mental health. She has 3M Facebook followers and over 11M followers on Instagram.

4. Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi Attractive Smile

Ivana Alawi Has An Attractive Smile 

Ivana Alawi debuted in the Top 22 of StarStruck, which is a Philippine TV reality competition show broadcasted on GMA Network. Then, she signed contracts with GMA Center and Star Music and appeared in many movies, music videos, and TV shows, including Inferno, A Family Affair, and Sitsit.

Alawi is also a Youtuber with high Philippine subscribers and views on her Youtube channel. She often posts updates with stunning outlooks, pictures, and vlogs to connect with her fans. 

Moreover, she is the founder of Ivana Skin, her skincare brand that introduces beauty tips and sells skincare products.

5. Janella Salvador

The most beautiful woman in the Philippines on this list is Janella Salvador, a Philippine model, actress, songwriter, and singer. She debuted with the hit TV drama, Be Careful With My Heart and gained her fame and recognition between 2012 and 2014. 

After that, she appeared in many films and series, such as U-Turn, Click, Like, Share, etc.


As you can see, Philippines women have a different beauty that makes them stand out wherever they appear. This article provides the fullest and latest information about the top 5 most beautiful woman in the Philippines. They are famous and recognized for undertaking many roles, such as Miss Universe, Miss Earth, actress, model, singer, etc. 

They have not only a beautiful face and body but also talent in whatever roles and tasks. Certainly, they’ll be more successful in the future with art, filming projects, and so on.

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