Top 5 Books For Travelers That Change Your Mind

Oct 04, 2022
The top 5 travel books that you should read can help you have a great perspective on travel and change your mind, making you even more knowledgeable about travel!

Any great travel book's success can be gauged in miles, not in accolades. When it comes to these books, it's the sheer distances they take our imaginations and the miles they motivate us to hike, drive and fly. And occasionally, reading a travel book can have the same transformative power as taking the actual trip.

Are you prepared to change the way you travel with a reading list? According to seasoned travelers, these are the top 5 books for travelers that you need to read. Be prepared to experience severe wanderlust.

#01 - The Rings of Saturn

The Rings of Saturn

James Kay, the website editor for Lonely Planet, made an ambiguous choice for the best traveling books when asked to make a recommendation.

“Travelog? Memoir? Novel? The description of a walking tour of the English county of Suffolk by W.G. Sebald defies classification. Even though the narrator travels only a few miles along the coast, his mental journey seems much longer. In this book, Kay combines meditations on topics like the history of herring fishing, colonialism in the Congo, and the reign of a Chinese empress with beguiling descriptions of the locations and people he visits. "'The Rings of Saturn' contains a philosophy for tourists who want to delve deeper into a place: go slowly, look for tales, and try to be a more thoughtful explorer. Bring a copy of this one-off with you, and remember to keep your curiosity alive at all times. You never know where it might take you.

#02 - A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast

Some of us travel to eat and live to travel. According to Debbie Arcangeles, host of the podcast The Offbeat Life, which highlights the lives of location-independent professionals, "A Moveable Feast" has you covered when you need a book to fuel a gourmand journey with its celebration of 38 foodie tales from around the world.

"A Movable Feast" is a collection of short stories by well-known chefs, authors, and food enthusiasts from all over the world, she explained. "They all share a passion for food and the ability it has to unite people. You'll get a taste of the culture and develop a serious case of food lust from reading the short stories.

#03 - The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Whether it's incredible archeological sites or the tastiest meal, the majority of adventurers are looking for something. However, while you're focused on looking outside of yourself, you frequently find a part of yourself that you were unaware of. According to Cory Varga, a travel expert and the creator of the couple's travel blog, You Could Travel, that is exactly what occurs in Paulo Coelho's book "The Alchemist."

The captivating tale of an Andalusian shepherd who desires to travel in search of treasure is told in "The Alchemist." But instead, he discovers himself through his adventures," said Varga. "Coelho shows us the journey that matters—a journey of lessons and endearing tales of snakes, love, dunes, and alchemy," says the author.

#04 - The Art of Travel

The Art of Travel

With so much travel literature out there telling us where to go, it's easy to forget why we travel in the first place. The "Art of Travel" by Alain de Botton serves as a reminder of the how and why of traveling.

Many travel-related books cater to our daydreams, but de Botton takes a philosophical and brutally honest look at why we travel and reveals truths that we don't want to see or believe, like the fact that our fantasies about a place are frequently better than the reality we find there, according to the reviewer. He is incredibly articulate when describing the unremarkable travel experiences that frequently slip our minds. Every little detail contributes to the overall experience; it's not just about the grandiose moments.

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#05 - Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

The travel books published by Lonely Planet came in second place in the 2020 Reader Travel Awards, but they're well-liked for a reason. This book is regarded as one of the best travel guide books for people on the go.

The company's founding by married couple Maureen and Tony Wheeler, who made an epic overland journey from London to Australia in the early 1970s, is undoubtedly romantic.

While the stapled 94-page booklet Across Asia on the Cheap served as Lonely Planet's debut publication in 1973, the company has advanced significantly since then. These books for travelers, which have been printed in more than 100 million copies, are thorough, educational, and full of suggestions for ethical travel getaways.

The new Poland guidebook from Lonely Planet, which offers insider information on everything from Warsaw to the Carpathian Mountains, is another book we recommend adding to your bookcase.

The top 5 travel books that you should read can help you have a great perspective on travel and change your mind, making you even more knowledgeable about travel! Have a good time, everyone.

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