Clint Bondad Hacker: Everything You Want To Know

Jul 27, 2021
Too much information about Clint Bondad hacker, and you don't know where to start? Read this post to get interesting details about this person.

Clint Bondad became a top Philippine Twitter trending hashtag after posting many of his cryptic messages on Instagram stories. Many people even called him "Clint Bondad hacker."

Clint Bondad HackerClint Bondad Hacker

On July 14, 2020, many cryptic messages from Clint Bondad caused a stir on social media. In these posts, Bondad hinted that he has a double life, including living as a computer hacker. The man also stated that he trespassed on a secure server and started a countdown.

Some people might think that these posts were about a shocking bombshell expose. However, the real purpose of these messages was only aimed at his ex-girlfriend and her new relationship.

But who exactly is Clint Bondad, and what did he do to gain this huge attention on social media? Read on with Corner4men to find out.

Clint Bondad Age & Facts

Clint Bondad was born on 26th March 1994. He is a German-Filipino fitness competitor, model, and actor.

His parents raised him in Germany, and Clint Bondad studied in Frankfurt high school. After graduating, he decided to move to the Philippines and continue studying at Trinity University of Asia in Quezon City.

Clint Bondad

Clint Bondad is a German-Filipino fitness competitor, model, and actor

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Clint Bondad's Life Story

Let's see how Clint Bondad hacker's life and career were before his social media comeback in 2020.

After college, Bondad worked as a model. He appeared on Scene Zone, Esquire Philippines, Men's Health, and Cosmopolitan Philippines' pages. In 2013, Cosmo picked him as the "Hunk of the Month" model for their issue in August.

Subsequently, he became a member of Cosmo Bachelors and had one of his biggest breakthroughs in 2015. Bondad decided to start his career in showbiz after that.

In 2016, he got his first acting job as a supporting role in an afternoon drama series "Be My Lady" from the ABS-CBN. The two big stars Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga, also played parts in this show.

The next year, Bondad joined the ASAP Coverboy - ABS-CBN's hunk group with other members, including Luis Hontiveros, Tanner Mata, Albie Casino, and Tommy Esguerra.

Bondad felt overwhelmed both mentally and physically from the huge pressure of schedules. Therefore, he decided to quit acting and leave the ASAP Coverboy. It seems like Clint Bondad hacker's career in the entertainment industry was quite promising. Yet, to him, ABS-CBN's working times were phenomenal.

According to one of his Instagram posts in 2019, Bondad once explained that he spent up to three-four days per week only for ASAP Coverboy. Even when he felt exhausted to death, Bondad still had to follow a high-intensity workout plan every day to keep fit on TV.

More specifically, Bondad had to manage two business startups, interviewed more than fifty potential applicants, dealt with tons of paperwork, calculated financial aspects, reports, etc.

Moreover, it was extremely important to bring a cellphone with him 24/7. No matter how tired and sleepy he felt, he always needed to bring the cellphone with him 24/7 and answer all the calls every few minutes.

Clint Bondad worked more than 20 hours or traveled more than 10 hours sometimes. Hence, his car and desk were the normal places for him to nap, as there wasn't enough time to eat or do other stuff.  

Clint Bondad Before And After

Clint Bondad Before And After

In this Instagram post, Bondad showed a picture of him before and after he left the showbiz and social media. The left picture is when he was still a member of the ASAP group, and the right one is only three weeks after his leaving. 

Eventually, Bondad had more time to take care of himself, and we can see the positive result of him leaving ASAP and choosing his business over this group.

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Clint Bondad Brother 

Clint Bondad has a younger brother; his name is Kirk Bondad. He is also a Filipino-German model like his brother used to be. 

Kirk earned his biggest international gig last year for becoming the model of a famous designer at Singapore's Grand Prix. Lucky for Kirk's fans, he will gain more bigger success in the future.

The Breakup with Ex-Girlfriend

Let's get back to the reason for Clint Bondad hacker becoming a trending topic. Here is some information about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend – Catriona Gray.

Catriona Gray is the winner of the 2018 Miss Universe. Before they were both famous, Bondad and Gray had been in a relationship for a long time. Specifically, they started their relationship in 2013, making many people think they would settle down together and have a happy ending.

Later in a 2019 interview, Bondad shared the story about how they became a couple. At first, Gray and Bondad met each other in a small elevator in 2012 in Baguio. They were at the same location for attending their shoots separately.

Bondad and Gray

Bondad and Gray had been in a relationship for a long time

Although he greeted her first, she forgot about him for a while; they met each other on a later casting and started dating later. 

Unfortunately, things went downhill after Gray won the Miss Universe. Bondad assumed that the lack of communication was the main reason for their breakup. Moreover, other reasons, such as the immense pressure and attention Gray got after the Miss Universe.

Bondad was also fully aware of the situation since he often saw twenty to thirty people surrounding her all the time. Hence, he thought that their ending was understandable.

Clint Bondad New Relationship

There were some rumors that Bondad started a new relationship with Jakkaphong "Anne" Jakrajutatip or JKN. She is a transgender Thai billionaire and the CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited.  During the 2019 Content Asia Summit in Singapore, people called her "Asia Media Woman of the Year."

Bondad met her in 2019. After a photo of JKN and Bondad showed up on Instagram, Filipino and Thai netizens started theorizing about how and why they started their relationship.

However, JKN prevented all the malicious comments on the Internet by stating that she was already in a relationship and clarified her relationship with Clint as big sister and little brother.

Bondad started a new relationship with a transgender Thai billionaire

Rumor has it that Bondad started a new relationship with a transgender Thai billionaire

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What Is Clint Bondad Doing Now?

In March 2020, Bondad stopped posting updates about his daily life online and decided to stay away from the Internet and social media.

However, Bondad showed up again and surprised his fans with a "pandemic look" through an Instagram post on July 10. He posed a muscular body in the bathroom and introduced a plan of sharing methods and tips for a better fitness process to his fans.

As you can see, Clint Bondad hacker is not only a model and actor, but he is also a successful businessman and gradually engaging in the fitness industry.

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That's All About Clint Bondad Hacker

Along with providing the reason why Bondad's name suddenly turned into a hot topic, we’ve shown you details of his biography and relationships.

Hopefully, this post is helpful to your online research about the story of Clint Bondad hacker. Now, we believe that you can catch up with everything connecting to his trending news.

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