Collection Of Heneral Luna Famous Lines: Which Is The Most Striking Of Them All?

Jul 28, 2021
Among the best Philippine movies to watch, Heneral Luna contains many meaningful quotes. So what are the top Heneral Luna famous lines? Let's find out now!

Among the least foreign movies that appeared in the nominee for Oscar, Heneral Luna is considered a must-watch movie of all time. Besides containing historical value, Heneral Luna famous lines bring many lessons learned for its audience. So what can you get from this movie? Let's figure it out with

A Brief For Heneral Luna

Produced by Artikulo Uno Productions, this historical film tells the stories of Phillipino's independence war against America in 1898. With a budget of about ₱80 million, Heneral Luna becomes the top costly epic historical movie released in the Philippines. In September 2015, it made a record of being the highest-grossing historical Filipino movie at that moment with ₱160 million income. 

Heneral Luna scene 1

General Luna famous lines

In 1898, at the end of Spain's colonization of the Philippines, Spain sold the archipelago to the US for $20 million. And before the Americans claimed the Philippines as its new colony, the Filipinos had to fight to have their own freedom following the Paris Treaty.

General luna quotes are the most attentive point throughout the whole movie. So what inspirational quotes that can you find from this movie? Here are some of the most impressive talks you can find throughout the film. 

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Heneral Luna scene 2

Heneral Luna is a historical movie

Heneral Luna Famous Line #1:

#Bayan o sarili, pumili ka (nation or yourself, you choose)! These Antonio luna quotes must make you wonder what the important matter is to you? When your love for the nation is bigger than the love for yourself, you will definitely fight to protect it without hesitation. By standing up and fighting for the nation's independence, you will not only give yourself a favor but also other citizens.

Heneral Luna scene 3

Heneral Luna is a must-watch movie of all time

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Antonio Luna Quotes #2:

#Negosyo o kalayaan (business or freedom)? Hopefully, any politician in any country can reflect on these meaningful quotes from Heneral Luna. For some publicans, their actions make people raise the question of whether they work for the country's benefit or their own wealth. It will be great if the latter is not the case. 

General Luna Quotes #3

#May mas Malaki tayong kalaban sa mga Amerikano – ang ating sarili (we have a bigger contender than the American – ourselves). Obviously, the biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself. The Heneral luna sayings remind you that if you do not manage your insecurity and anxiety well in life, you might find it hard to face any difficulty in the future. It is essential to remember to love yourself, happy with what you have, and treasure the blessings of your life.

Heneral Luna Movie Quotes #4

#Kalaban ang kalaban. Kalaban ang kakampi, nakakapagod. (We are fighting our opponent. The opponent is our ally, and this is exhausting.) 

The thing that makes us most hurtful is to trust the wrong person. If the person you consider as your friends or ally betrays you, it must be the worst feeling in the world. 

So a lesson learned is that we have to be careful about who we can trust. As at the end of the day, you do not know what they can say or do when you are not around.

Heneral Luna Sayings #5

#Malaking trabaho ang ipagkaisa ang bansang watak-watak (It is a great job to unite a fragmented nation). Clearly, it is pretty hard for you to ask people who do not like you much to cooperate with you, right? However, as one nation, we have to leave these things aside and work with each other to fight to bring the country forward. Sometimes, only you cannot make any change, but the unity of all people might bring an amazing strength, helping you have the win in any field you want.

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Other Thought-Provoking Quotes From Heneral Luna:

Well, there are much more quotes from this movie that are really meaningful. Let's take a quick look at them in the following.

Heneral Luna movie quotes Heneral Luna quotes English
"Mas madali pang pagkasunduin ang langit at lupa kaysa dalawang Pilipino tungkol sa kahit na anong bagay." "It's easier for heaven and earth to come to an agreement than two Filipinos about anything."                    
“At ‘yan din ang sakit natin. Kaya nating magbuwis ng buhay para sa pamilya, pero para sa isang prinsipyong makabayan?” "And that is also our disease. Can we tax life for the family, but for a patriotic principle? ”
"Mas magandang mamatay sa digmaan kaysa magpasakop sa dayuhan." "It is better to die in war than to submit to a foreigner."
"Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ng kalaban. Kalaban ng kakampi. Nakakapagod." "Is this really our destiny? Opponent's opponent. Opponent's opponent. It's exhausting."
"Mas mahalaga ang papel natin sa digmaan kaysa sa anumang nararamdaman natin sa isa’t isa." "Our role in the war is more important than how we feel about each other."
“Ang taong may damdamin ay hindi alipin.” “The person with feelings is not a slave.”
“Hindi natin sila matatalo sa teknolohiya. Pero matatalo natin sila sa taktika.” “We can’t beat them with technology. But we can defeat them with tactics.”
“Malaking trabaho ang ipagkaisa ang bansang watak-watak, Joven.” “It's a big job to unite the divided nation, Joven.”
“Ganyan naman po ang mga Pilipino, palaging inuuna ang pamilya.” “Filipinos are like that, they always put the family first.”

Some Last Words

That is a quick view of Heneral Luna famous lines. Are you ready to take some time to watch this movie now? It is possible that you can find even more quotes that help you to treasure your life more. Hope you have the best time enjoying this movie! 

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