List Of 90s Pinay Bold Stars: Where Are They Now?

Jul 26, 2021
The hottest Pinay bold stars rose to fame in the 90s. Who can forget the list of Pinay bold stars such as Aya Medel, Rosanna Roces & Joyce Jimenez?

Back in the 90s’, some showbiz stars are adequately blessed to capture everyone's attention and remain in the field. Meanwhile, others are just at the center of attention for a short time before gradually fading away. 

At that point, there are top 10 bold star Philippines who command the spotlight so that they left an imprint on the industry and the audience. They might not have loads of honors or grants, but they could take pride in their roles in films that were viewed as taboo according to conservative Filipinos.

Below is a list of Pinay bold stars in the 1990s and where they are now.

Browse through the gallery below on to check out some of the most sparkling names of bold stars in the Philippines from way back when!

Filipina bold star #1: JOYCE JIMENEZ

Once named as the “Pantasya ng Bayan” when she was still a Filipino bold star, Joyce Jimenez is now living happily in California, U.S.A, with her Fil-Am husband and three children. Besides being a full-time mommy blogger, Joyce is also a fitness enthusiast.

Starring films:  Scorpio Nights 2 (1999), Warat (1999), Narinig Mo Ba Ang Latest? (2001), and Ano Bang Meron Ka? (2001).

Joyce JimenezJoyce Jimenez

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90S Pinay bold star #2: PRISCILLA ALMEDA

Before becoming an attractive actress, Priscilla was known as Abby Viduya, a teen star. In 1996, she rose to fame as Priscilla Almeda when she was featured in the film “Sariwa”. 

Years later, when her profession dwindled, she was rumored to move to Japan and employed as a bartender in a restaurant. She is currently living in Canada and is a mother to three delightful young girls. Lately, Priscilla Almeda expressed her desire to make a showbiz rebound. 

Starring films: Sabik Sa Halik (1995), Sariwa (1996), Tukso Layuan Mo Ako 2 (1996), Sutla (1999), and Syota ng Bayan (2001).

Priscilla Almeda bold star
Priscilla Almeda

Bold star artist #3: AYA MEDEL

“Papaya Queen” chose to study alongside her flourishing acting profession. She graduated from the Center for Asian Culinary Studies with a degree in International Cuisine/Baking and Pastry and is presently a chef, and now operates three restaurants, including Albay in Bicol and Ishiaya's Garden Bistro at Tabaco.

Also, she was also featured in the Department of Tourism’s “Kain Na!” project. She represented Region 5 and held cooking demonstrations throughout the three-day occasion.

Starring films: Totoy Mola (1997), Sisa (1999), Akin Ka Lamang (1997), Laruang Buhay (1998), and Gatilyo (1999).Aya MedelAya Medel

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Pinay actress bold star #4: ROSANNA ROCES

Undeniably the most notorious in the list of bold stars in the Philippines, Rosanna has always been a newsmaker since her heydays until the present time. She is now dynamic in TV shows and movies. She also appears in Pamilya Ko - an ABS-CBN early prime-time series.

Starring films:  La Vida Rosa (2001), Curacha Ang Babaeng Walang Pahinga (1998), Ang Babae Sa Bintana (1998), Ligaya Ang Itawag Mo Sa Akin (1997), and Patikim Ng Pinya (1996).

Rosanna RocesRosanna Roces

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Filipina bold star #5: MAUI TAYLOR

Before becoming a VIVA Hot Babe, Maui Taylor used to be a teen star as a part of TGIS and Anna Karenia. Right now, Maui is busy being a vlogger. She is expected to star in a sexy film later on.

Starring films: Gamitan (2002), Ang Huling Birhen Sa Lupa (2003), Sex Drive (2003), and Torotot (2008).

Maui TaylorMaui Taylor

Bold star artist #6: BELINDA BRIGHT

Belinda Bright is not dynamic in both social media and showbiz anymore. She was rumored to become a flight steward for Qatar Airways; however, When the airline discovered she was a daring celebrity actor prior to becoming a flight steward, she was asked to resign.

Starring films: Ssshhh… She Walks By Night (2003) and Ang Kapitbahay (2003).Belinda BrightBelinda Bright

Pinay actress bold star #7: KLAUDIA KORONEL

Klaudia became renowned for being an endowed bold actress. She allegedly moved to the USA and worked as a caregiver in a hospital. She has been divorced from her Chinese-American rich husband. 

Starring films: Pisil (1998), Anakan Mo Ako (1999), Toro (2001), Tuhog (2001).

Klaudia KoronelKlaudia Koronel

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Bold star name Philippines #8: KATRINA PAULA

After her break in showbiz, Katrina went to Japan to work as a performer. Then she went into business selling jewelry and bags. In 2017, she represented the country in the Mrs. Queen of VOAA (Voice Of An Angel) Universe event in Japan, where she packed away the third runner-up title.

Starring films: Mapupulang Rosas (2002), Nag-aapoy Na Langit (2001), and Venus: Diosa Ng Kagandahan (2001).

Katrina PaulaKatrina Paula

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90s pinay bold star #9: NATASHA LEDESMA

After her hot stretches in showbiz, Natasha took a hiatus, then got back to the industry prepared for genuine jobs. She is currently a host on UNTV - a public television station.

Starring films: Kaliwa’t Kanan, Sakit Ng Katawan (1997), and S.E.L.D.A. (2002).

Natasha LedesmaNatasha Ledesma

Pinay actress bold star #10: YNEZ VENERACION

Ynez Veneraction remains dynamic in showbiz, doing projects for ABS-CBN and GMA-7. Her last teleserye presence was in the series The Greatest Love (2016). She was also part of Sylvia Sanchez’s film, Jesusa, shown in early 2019.

In October 2019, Ynez joined the VIP champions release of It's Showtime’s “Tawag ng Tanghalan” portion.

Ynez VeneractionYnez Veneraction

Wrapping It Up

The list of Pinay bold stars certainly turned up the heat back in the day! With their fierce and risqué roles, they lit up our screens. And now, decades later, we can actually confess that we all spent a large portion of our adolescents rewinding their movies to watch their most enthralling scenes! 

To summarize, they described not only an entire century but also an entire era. Back then, the idea of sex was still considered somewhat taboo. However, through their bold films, they gave us the ability to share our raw emotions.

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