Pinay Celebrity Engagement Ring: 10 Most Expensive Ones!

Jul 28, 2021
The 'Expensive Pinay Celebrity Engagement Ring' article below can provide you with the most valuable and unique products. Read on for more details!

We all know that most celebrities spend a lot of money on expensive items to dress up and their exude class. Hence, their engagement rings are often very expensive and unique to mark an important event in life. 

In this article, we at has listed out the top most expensive Pinay celebrity engagement ring. Let’s dive in!

1. Vicki Belo - Ashoka-cut diamond - 1 million USD

Vicki Belo is the creator of the Belo Medical Group empire, her fiancé - Hayden Khoshe, had given her a splendid diamond engagement ring. Specifically, the ring has an Ashoka cut diamond, which is one of the world’s rarest diamonds.

Although Vicki hasn't said a word about its real value, the Graff Diamonds engagement ring is patented and weighs about 2 to 10 carats, according to many reliable sources. A ring cut with a 12-carat verdant green will typically start at $ 1 million or £ 48,000,000. Therefore, her engagement ring probably has an estimated value of the above amount.

Vicki Belo's Ashoka-cut diamond ring

Vicki Belo- Ashoka-cut diamond

2. Pauleen Luna - 3-Carat Diamond Gem Ring Valued At PHP 1.5 Million

Actress and TV presenter Pauleen Luna impressed fans with a 3-carat diamond solitaire ring worth 2.5 million PHP. The ring was bought by her husband Vic Sotto from Hong Kong earlier.

Although the ring she wore was a million-peso ring, the engagement happened in sweet and simpleness with the attendees' congratulations. When Vic Sotto showed her the ring, she liked it so much that she hurriedly put it on her hand when Vic had not yet been able to propose to her.

3. Marian Rivera - 2.13-Carat Emerald-cut Diamond Engagement Ring- 59.640 USD

The top actor Dingdong Dantes had proposed to Marian Rivera with a stunning 2.13-carat gem diamond ring. Harry Winston especially designed this 2.48 carats platinum ring.

Although Marian Rivera's luxury ring is at about $ 59,640, the prices may not be too striking, as they are all famous actors in the Philippine showbiz.

Marian Rivera ring

Marian Rivera- 2.13-carat emerald

4. Toni Gonzaga - 1.5-Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring - 2 million PHP

Beautiful Filipino singer and actress Toni Gonzaga held a wedding with director Paul Soriano in mid-June. Moreover, the two are a golden couple of Philippine showbiz because they have been together for eight years. On that occasion, she was given the most valuable engagement ring. Toni Gonzaga's 1.5-carat diamond solitaire engagement ring was priced at PHP 2 million and purchased in Israel.

The wedding is an important milestone marking the journey of love between Toni Gonzaga and her husband. Therefore, the wedding party was held in a luxury hotel with splendid and majestic space. The Philippine press reported that the couple’s wedding invited only close guests and family to create a cozy atmosphere.

5. Sarah Lahbati - 2-Carat Round-cut Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum/white Gold Pavé Setting- P2 million PHP

Richard Gutierrez’s wife -  the famous actress Sarah Lahbati. She obtains a 2 carat round cut precious stone engagement ring made by white / platinum gold gem design, priced up to PHP 2 million.

Richard Gutierrez was quite shy when choosing a ring for his fiancé; his mother-in-law also helped him choose the suitable ring. Interestingly, he asked her to try different rings each week to find her most favorite one. 

As a result, the plan turned out very successful; they got married and had two children together. Her husband put all his love in this ring, so it is probably the best beautiful Pinay celebrity engagement ring in her life.

Sarah Lahbati engagement ring

Sarah Lahbati and her 2-Carat Round-cut Diamond Engagement Ring

6. Angel Locsin - 4.24-Carat Solitaire Princess-cut Diamond Ring In White Gold Setting - PHP 2 million

Angel Locsin became the happiest heroine after her century wedding. Her fiance - film producer Neil Arce, gifted the actress an elegant 4.24-carat princess solitaire diamond ring in white gold. Specifically, this engagement ring cost PHP 2 million.

We can say that this ring is the most elegant Pinay celebrity engagement ring, which caused a fever in the Philippines fan community.

Angel Locsin's best friend-  Dimple Romana, had helped Neil find the perfect ring for her on the big day.

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7. Cristalle Henares - 3-Carat Cushion-cut Diamond With A Halo Setting - Worth Nothing Less Than A Million

This ring is probably the largest diamond Pinay celebrity engagement ring on the list. Her flawless engagement ring with an Israeli center diamond decorated with gem diamonds is chosen by her fiance Justin Pitt, this 3-carat halo precious gemstone ring is one of the masterpieces by Stephen Lloyd. 

A set of diamonds lays on top of Grandeur’s ring. Like her mother - Vicki Belo, she does not reveal the true value of the engagement ring. Yet, Cristalle's ring might have a value of no less than one million dollars regarding its size and decoration.

Cristalle Henares Diamond engagement ring

The largest Pinay Celebrity Engagement ring

8. Rachelle Ann Go - Solitaire, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Perched On A Platinum Gold Band- 20000-40000 USD

Rachelle Ann Go's husband proposed to her with a beautiful ring while they were trolling in Boracay. The small diamond lay on top of the ring that has been uniquely cut and mounted on a strip of platinum gold. Hence, her engagement ring is another simple but elegant Pinay celebrity engagement ring.

Although Rachel has never announced the price of this ring, the ring’s price will be around 20000-40000 USD.

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9. Anne Curtis - platinum Ring With A Solitaire Diamond Not Less Than Two Karats- About 50000 USD

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff became a hot discussion topic for their pre-wedding photoshoot in Korea. There was a wedding in New Zealand in November 2017. But before the grand and moving ceremony, the first time a marriage proposal took place on a hiking track in New York. He proposed to her with tears in his eyes and a brilliant round cut diamond with prongs on the platinum strap in hand.

anne curtis engagement ring

Anne Curtis and her platinum engagement ring with a solitaire diamond

10. Maxene Magalona - princess Cut Diamond Ring- 3 million Peso

After two years of dating, Rob Mananquil proposed to his girlfriend, Maxene Magalona, on a trip to Japan. In a Pep article, Maxene Mentioned the ring that her boyfriend, now her husband, savagely gave her: "He took me a princess ring because I was a peacemaker. God. "In the end, the two gave their vows in January 2018, and the ring's value was around 3 million pesos.


Which Pinay celebrity engagement ring do you find the most beautiful on this list? Do you like a simple or splendid ring? We consider that each ring has its unique beauty and value. Thank you for spending time reading this article! 

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