Popoy And Basha Lines And Story That Wil Break Your Heart

Jul 28, 2021
Popoy and Basha lines carry a weight of romance and bitterness that not many romantic Filipino movies have.

The current trend with the media seems to be like so: the audience runs after quick digest content with no time to reflect or even understand the movies. However, with more people start to care about older Filipino films, searches like ‘Popoy and Basha lines’ are flooding the Internet. 

Discussions about movie making is now possible with streaming platform like iFlix and iWant which make it easier for content distribution.  

One More Chance is one of the timeless treasures Corner4men would like to discuss today. 

Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz had such chemistry on screen that even today when more movies than ever have hit the market, their performance is still irreplaceable. 

The movie also has such a good script that many people still fall head over heel in love with its quotes. Lets look at some of the best lines:

Popoy And Basha Lines In ‘One More Chance’

Popoy and Basha lines 1

Popoy and Basha lines 2

Mark (Derek Ramsay): Minsan, it’s better for two people to break up so they can grow up. It takes grown-ups to make relationships work

Basha (Bea Alonzo): I already gave 5 years of my life it’s about time you give me what I want.
Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz): But you’re asking for too much ang hinihingi mo mawala ka sa buhay ko

Trisha (Maja Salvador): I love you and I will tell you every day, every day until you forget the things that hurt. And how I wish I could take them away. If only it could be done but it cannot be done because you won’t let me.
Trisha: Walang madaling paraan para gawin ito, kasi ang sakit na.
Trisha: (approach to close the eyes of popoy) Para kung masaktan man ako hindi mo Makita.

Popoy: Hindi mo alam kung gaano kagusto sabihin sayo na sana tayo na lang, sana tayo na lang ulit. Pero sa tuwing mararamdaman ko kung gaano kita ka mahal hindi ko maiwasan ulit maramdaman lahat ng sakit…. I want my heart to stop breaking – para pag naging tayo ulit kaya na kitang mahalin ng buong buo. Nang walang takot kung masaktan man tayo muli.

‘One More Chance’ Story 

The movie stars John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo - the duo who later worked together in a few other projects, but their best cooperation is arguably ‘One More Chance.’ 

The movie is believed to have form the very idea of Filipino romance, fuelling discussions about space and gender. 

The story of ‘One More Chance’ revolved around Popoy (portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (played by Bea Alonzo), two college sweethearts who had been together for five years. 

After half a decade as a couple, they were about to break up. Basha felt stuck with her job in a construction company when she thought her creativity was getting rusty. 

The story and Popoy and Basha lines later take the audience to their breaking point where Popoy decided their future without listening to what Basha wanted, which eventually led to their breakup. 

One More Chance

Popoy decided their future without listening to what Basha wanted, which eventually led to their breakup



When we talk about romantic movies, what comes to our minds are mostly Romeo and Juliet kind, a couple facing opposition from their families and societies or have too wide a class gap. What they have to do next is to overcome all adversaries to be together. However, as this approach is getting old and too common, ‘One More Chance’ and Popoy and Basha lines serve as a fresh breeze, bringing new life to Filipino movie market. 

Carmi Raymundo, Vanessa Valdez - the writers, and Cathy Garcia-Molina - the directors created what they called an ‘anatomy of a breakup.’ The movie is so complex that audience, who will mostly sincerely hope the couple stays together, has no other way but to admit that the relationship is flawed. 

The movie works so well as a story of self-discovery and rediscovering kilig. The process of rediscovering is filled with humor and regret. The whole thing was summed up by the song playing in the background when the two protagonists met post breakup - “Nanghihinayang.”

And when Basha and Popoy broke out of their codependency and started exploring who they are they found ways to communicate and fell in love again. 

So if you want to see something else other than couples fighting society prejudice to be together or romantic comedy films, you should definitely check Popoy and Basha lines in One More Chance and the movie itself. 

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