BLOWBAGETS Meaning And Things To Check For A Safe Trip

Jul 29, 2021
Have you ever wondered about BLOWBAGETS meaning? BLOWBAGETS means battery, lights, oil, water, brake, air, gas, engine, tire, and self.

Have you ever wondered about BLOWBAGETS meaning? BLOWBAGETS means battery, lights, oil, water, brake, air, gas, engine, tire, and self. These are the things that you need to check to prevent a breakdown or accident from happening.

Whether you are driving to work or going on a summer road trip, making inspecting your car a priority. It is difficult to remember all the parts of your car that you need to check. That is where a BLOWBAGETS checklist becomes handy. Keep on reading as Corner4men will explain and break down all the meaning of BLOWBAGETS.

What does BLOWBAGETS stand for?

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Battery (B)

It can be dangerous if your battery dies when you are driving

A dead battery means there is no way your car will start. You know it can be dangerous if you are in a remote area in the dead of the night and your battery dies. 

Before hopping in your car, make sure to check the battery of your car for proper cable-to-terminal connection, strong charge, and clean terminals. Typically, it takes car batteries three to four years to burn out. If it is the case for your car’s battery, you’d better replace it. Plus, to keep your vehicle running smoothly, you also need to pay attention to PMS meaning car, which we have right here.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Lights (L)

For nighttime driving, fully functioning auto lights are important for your safety. However, bulbs can’t burn forever. They get defective or burn out over time. That is why you should regularly check your vehicle’s lights.

Check your lights for any signs of breakage, specks of dirt, and cracks



Before driving your car out of the garage, test everything, from your headlights, brake lights, turn signal lights, tail lights, and reverse lights. You should see the reflection of the light on the wall. You can ask your family member or your friend to stand in the front and behind your car when you operate the lights to confirm if they work properly.

Also, check your lights for any signs of breakage, specks of dirt, and cracks. Have them cleaned or fixed if you spot any.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Oil (O)

Oil is needed to lubricate all engine parts of your car. Too little oil means that the engine can wear and tear while working. Your engine won’t operate if your car runs out of oil. And the next thing you know is an expensive repair bill.

Too little oil means that the engine can wear and tear while working

Check both the oil level and the color of the oil. Refill the oil if it is under the minimum level. You should also search if there are any leaks.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Water (W)

For motorists, their worst nightmare is overheating. Checking the water in the car’s radiator can prevent that road disaster. Put in your trunk several one-liter bottles of water. 

Given your car overheats, while you are on the road, you can cool the engine down by pouring water into the radiator.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Brake (B)

Faulty brakes will lead to dangerous accidents. Lower your chance of being involved in a road accident by making sure that the brake system of your car is working properly before heading out. 

Step on the brake and push it fully to the floor. If it feels too soft, too hard, spongy or it gets stuck to the floor, call a mechanic or have your car towed to a mechanic shop.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Air (A)

Are the tires of your car properly inflated? The right car pressure can prevent accidents as well as decreased fuel economy. It doesn’t matter if your tires are new or old. They still lose air over time. 

It isn’t easy to notice this problem with your naked eye. A tire pressure gauge is what you need. Also, check for nails or any other sharp objects that can puncture your tires.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Gas (G)

A full gas tank is especially important when you are on a long drive. Just imagine how annoying it would be if your car runs out of fuel while you are in traffic and there is no gas station in sight.

Make sure to check the fuel level via the fuel indicator

So what BLOWBAGETS car check should you do? Before driving your car out of the garage, make sure to check the fuel level via the fuel gauge.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Engine (E)

Rather than having to deal with any engine problems when you are in the middle of the road, it is better to search for them beforehand. Check for leaks that point to an engine issue. 

You can also start your car and listen to the engine’s sound. If you hear any wear noise like tapping, pinging, or knocking, call a mechanic over to have a look at your car.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Tire (T)

You can get yourself in a fatal accident with worn-out tires. So before heading on a road trip, check your tires for tears, bumps, bulges, and any other signs of damage. It will only take a few minutes.

To check the tread depth of your car, put a coin inside the tire’s grooves. If much of the outer band of the coin can be seen, the grooves have turned shallow, which means you need to change your tires.

BLOWBAGETS meaning: Self (S)

The human element plays an important role in a safe trip as well. According to the Metro Manila Accident Recording and Analysis System report, sleepiness, fatigue, intoxication and medical problems like dizziness and asthma are the leading causes of road accidents. Check if you can drive today, physically and emotionally. If you feel dizzy, sick, sleepy, tired, or drunk, it is better that you let somebody else in charge of the steering wheel.

Suffering from extreme emotional stress while driving is also dangerous. This leads to you losing your concentration. When you are stressed and emotional, avoid driving. Before hitting the road with your car, remember to check for your documents such as your driver’s license, your vehicle registration papers, and vehicle insurance in case you get pulled over during your road trip.

BLOWBAGETS in driving

That is everything you need to know in terms of BLOWBAGETS meaning. So in order to keep yourself and others safe, we encourage you to share this BLOWBAGETS checklist to your family and friends.   

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