Jaw-Dropping Pictures of Coco Martin Motorcycle and Car Collection

Jul 29, 2021
Coco martin motorcycle collection has shaken motorcycle lovers in the Philippines. In this blog, we will show you his super cool motorcycle & car collections!

Coco Martin began his own journey with a big love for motorcycles from a really young age. Over the years in the entertainment industry, he is known for the passion for building a Coco Martin motorcycle and car collection list. 

In this blog, Corner4men.com team will share with you the Coco Martin motorcycle collection, from the first motorbike he drove from early in his career, then the ones he bought after becoming more famous, and lastly, the luxurious cars he owns at the moment. 

Begin at 16: Coco Martin’s Motorcycle Collecting Journey

Coco Martin started his journey at the age of 16 with a big passion for motorcycles. At first, he drove a tricycle in order to make extra money for buying motorcycles. 

Like most young kids who have a big crush on vehicles, he could not afford to buy one. Yet this did not stop him from building his dream, so he got a loan from this grandfather and got the first vehicle.

When Coco began to do indie films, he gradually saved enough money to buy his very first motorcycle. He shared that it was not a crazily cool one, but he started to feed his passion by purchasing it. 

While building his career in making film and TV programs, he faced mishaps sometimes as things did not always go the way he wanted. But, he never gave up his love for the two-wheel monsters. 

From then until now, his love for these speedy toys is still the same, and the Coco Martin motorcycle price does not come cheap at all.

At the moment, Coco has already added 11 high-end motorcycles to his Coco Martin motorcycle collection. But do you know which one was the first big bike on the list? That was a red Ducati - a gift from Dawn Zulueta and her husband - Anton Lagdameo.

With a big love for motorcycles, he brought them into his TV work as long as films. He also shared that even when he gets old, he will still be riding motorcycles.

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Coco Martin Motorcycle Collection: The List of Coco’s Speedy Toys

After knowing his passion for motorcycles, you might be curious about what types of bikes they actually are. Here is the Coco martin motorcycle collection that you can find all the two-wheel vehicles he has owned, from the first big gift - a red Ducati, to the latest ones that he bought with his own money.

This is one of Coco’s favorite toys in his Coco Martin motorcycle collection.

More draw-dropping motorcycle from Coco

What about this Honda Ph Reveals 2 - Brand Ambassador - A New one in his collection?

The First Big Bike of Coco Martin Was a Gift From Dawn Zulueta

Another Picture of One of His Favorite Bikes in the Collection

Coco Martin said he commits to give a motorcycle and TV to two loyal ABS CBN.

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Coco Martin Luxury Car Collection

Coco Martin had a crush on motorcycles at first, but it does not mean he has no passion for the four-wheels. When he became more successful in his business, he had more cash to build a whole list of luxury cars. 

Let’s check what he has here!

Besides the dream of having a beautiful house with nice furniture, some people also love to have their own cars. 

As someone who loves to travel regularly, Coco loves his “babies” and often spends time cleaning them. 

Another four-wheel buddy on the list

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This sport vehicle is one of the unique toys in this collection.

It seems to be hard to take your eyes off these two valuable cars!

For many men and even women, cars can be considered as their status, expensive toys, and the objects that make their lives more joyful. For this reason, people treat their toys as their own babies, and so does Coco Martin. 

Some people also compared Coco’s car collections to award-winning actor - Kapamilya because the two collections are all luxurious and sexy.

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A Jeep in Coco’s car collections

Many big fans have witnessed Coco building his success from nothing. At present, he is known as a talented actor with his good acting ability, and of course, a lot of nice cars. 

After a decade of working, growing, and gaining incredible success from the showbiz industry, Coco has been proving his talent as a professional actor, the ability to play a pleasing character, and his great look with a beautiful smile.

With the fame and money earned from different projects for many years, it's easy to understand why he has saved a good amount of cash to take care of his family. Not just providing, he also gives them the lives with mansion-like houses and expensive cars to ride. 

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What did Coco reward himself for his hard work? Well, he bought more toys for himself. 

ABS-CBN's report stated that Coco owns multiple luxury cars and motorcycles, including a red Mini Cooper, a black BMW, a Ducati motorcycle, and a white Dodge Challenger.  

These cars are for Coco’s personal uses, and he let his family drive other cars in his collection. 

A piece of news also stated that Coco was seen going out of a Toyota Land Cruiser when he arrived at Ninoy Aquino National Airport (NAIA). 

PEP.ph also says that Coco also has a Brabus Mercedes G63 that costs around P11.8-billion.

A Few Words ABout Coco’s Collections

Besides a successful career as a talented actor, Coco has two expensive collections of cars and motorcycles that anyone will dream about. He was known for the love of motorcycles and his Coco Martin motorcycle, and gradually, people also realize that this actor also has a love for expensive four-wheel toys.

So, which vehicle in his collection that you like the most? 

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