Makati Traffic Violation Fines And Penalties: All You Need To Know

Jul 27, 2021
Makati traffic violation fines & penalties are very stringent and include a wide range of offenses. Click to know various types of violations & their respective fines.

When it comes to law enforcement in the Philippines, there must be a mention of the legal system of Makati. Overall, traffic violation fines in Makati are very clear and strict. Therefore, every time a new decree is issued, Makati makes people draw attention so much.

The decrees are strict but very commendable, making the city of Makati become more civilized than ever. Learn more about Makati traffic violation through the sharing below by team.

Makati City Ordinance With Dirty Vehicles: P300

Are you tired of washing your car and you think it is time-consuming? Think again.

Getting fined for driving a dirty car is several times more expensive than having it cleaned, especially on the streets of Makati, where unsanitary vehicles will be considered illegal.

In 2011, up to 100 people were arrested for driving too dirty cars.

Using Mobile Phone While Driving: P250

It would help if you did not speak on the phone while driving. No matter how busy you are at work, let’s drive safely! Do not let other stuff make you distracted, like using a cellphone while driving.

Using Mobile Phone While Driving

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Makati City Ordination For Defecating, Urinating, And Spitting: P100

Another city ordinance of Makati related to the act of urinating, defecating, or spitting in public, especially in big cities. Perhaps a further zero should be added to the penalty for such behaviors (urinating, defecating, or spitting) to raise awareness of some. It is unacceptable since these actions often take place at bus stops or MRT stops in the cities.

The series of stern decrees in Makati ensure the most civilized and polite society is something everyone praises. Other cities should learn to maintain a healthy living environment and raise individual awareness.

Makati City Ordinance With Jaywalking: P200

It seems that the P200 is still a too cheap penalty for a fast speeding act as it can seriously endanger the lives of both the driver and others.

The government enacts laws and death penalties to properly punish committed felonies. Why not increase the punishment for those who look down on the lives of others on the road?Makati City Ordinance With Jaywalking

Driving at fast speed may endanger the lives of both motorists and pedestrians.

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Makati City Ordinance With Operating A Habal-habal: P5,000

Habal-habal is the name of cars with many colors. People often use it to provide a quick ride to a destination. Many people like to use them because of their low cost and fast travel speed.

With just the P100, you can effortlessly weave from EDSA-Ayala to any point in Makati, Ortigas, or Taguig in less than 10 minutes - at a staggering pace. It is like an Angkas, but the vehicle does not normally have a permit and thus becomes one of the types of illegal transportation.

Makati Traffic Violation And Penalties Of Littering, Illegal Dumping Of Garbage: P500

Makati's central business district is the cleanest city due to the Makati city ordinance. However, management for littering and illegal dumping of garbage remains a major problem in Metro Manila, Philippines.

According to statistics in the first quarter of 2019, more than 4,000 people were arrested and fined for littering the streets of Metro Manila in the first quarter of the year. They found that the most abundant wastes were confectionery wrapping, plastic goods, paper, and cigarette butts.

As a result, Makati called on people to limit litter on the streets because they were rather a blot on the landscape and contributed to flooding. The government insisted that proper garbage disposal was everyone's responsibility.

Illegally Counter-Flowing, Violating No-entry Sign: P2,000

In reality, many one-way streets can be found in the two commercial villages on either Ayala Road - Salcedo Village and Legaspi Village. Bear in mind that the city of Makati has very strict ordinances in these two villages. To avoid a P2,000 fine, you must know the correct track and signs while circulating in these areas.

What's It Like Paying Makati Ordinance Violation Fines

Depending on the nature and type of offense, there are different ways to pay a fine. For example, if your driver's license is confiscated, you must go to City Hall to settle the fine.

Makati city, Philippines

Makati city, Philippines

The whole process of paying fines will be done very methodically and organized. There are separate waiting rooms for each type of punishment, and you have to get a number to wait for the turn to settle.

You then put the violation receipt in a small box and receive it with an attached stamp showing the amount to be paid (e.g., P1,000). After that, you will line up to pay the fine and get payment receipts and all your necessary documents.

Overall the process is fairly quick and doesn't take longer than 30 minutes. By and large, Makati city ordinance traffic violation is very strict, and the resolution system at City Hall is equally effective.

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The Final Words About Makati Traffic Violation Fines

Makati City has long been known as a modern, civilized city and has a very good social order. Therefore, Makati received a lot of praise and appreciation for traffic and social management.

Makati traffic violation fines and penalties committed by Makati play an important role in maintaining the city's overall order. The decree's strictness is credited with helping Makati turn into the most civilized city in the Philippines.

So you already have a better understanding of Makati's ordinances. To escape unintended fines, read this sharing carefully.

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