Puv Modernization Program Guidelines: Latest News, Benefits, Pros & Cons

Jul 27, 2021
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We live in a new world, in which almost everything is improved technologically to simplify life in a way. The same applies to mass transport. We now have improved public utilities (PUVs) for short and long-distance transportation such as jeepneys, taxis, trains, and vans.

The PUV modernization program started in June 2017 and became one of the Duterte Administration's most controversial flagship programs.

Here are some crucial PUV modernization program guidelines to keep in mind.

The PUV Modernization Program

The PUV Modernization Program

The PUV Modernization Program Guidelines

The LTFRB defines as a comprehensive transportation system overhaul, the Philippines Transport System Reform (PUMP), which is also known as Department Order No. 2017-011:

Issuance Of A Franchise

The implementation of a road map - also known as a Local Public Transport Strategy - represents a major change in licensing to operators (LPTRP). Instead of operators, the Local Government Unit (LGU) is responsible for making and presenting it. This is because passenger demand and connectivity are familiar to LGUs.

In order to identify the required number of PUVs, transport modes, and service characteristics for each corridor, route rationalization studies are also required. This will fulfill passenger demand and even road hierarchy.


A PUV operator can be applied to any individual or agency in the Philippines. The business or partnership under the PUV modernization program DOTr can be complemented by the individual or small companies.

In terms of investment and administration, this will simplify them. The merger would also help to de-clog the bloated market of the Philippines.

The Opportunities for operators

The Opportunities for operators

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The hallmark of the initiative is the elimination of PUVs from the ages of 15, which are no longer healthy and greatly contribute to the carbon footprint of the earth. PUVs must then comply with a number of criteria including:

  • Motor compliant Electric or Euro-4
  • A safety camera
  • An electronic payment system
  • Tracker for GPS
  • Speed limitation
  • Fast connectivity for PWDs, teenagers, mothers pregnant and mobile people
  • Greater capacity for passengers (sitting and standing)
  • Compliance with international and local rules on emissions

On the other hand, older PUV may still be approved as long as within the three-year transition phase they follow the above conditions.

This program also focuses on improving the inspection system for motor vehicles and introducing an approval system for motor vehicles, as well as an almost outdated PUV repairs and scrapping program.

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Terminal Dates

DOTr has included a transition period to fully educate owners, drivers and organizations involved. The aim is to launch the Metro program between 2018 and 2019 (Manila, Cebu, and Davao). Meanwhile, between 2019 and 2020 these heavily urbanized cities and the rest of the world are set to have a target year.

The Advantages Of The PUV Modernization Program

While some industries and government officials have criticized the PUV modernization programme, it provides several potentials as follows:


The fact that PUVs have technologies will make passengers, drivers, and pedestrians more secure than ever. CCTV can reduce or fix robbery, hold-ups, traffic scams, and other crimes more rapidly.

Road collisions may be minimized or prevented if drivers are instructed to enhance their driving skills and road manners.

Speed limits and enforcers to screen those above the limit aim to make things much better.

 PUVs have technologies will make passengers, drivers, and pedestrians more secure than ever

The fact that PUVs have technologies will make passengers, drivers, and pedestrians more secure than ever

Stable Income for Driver

While many people still believe that the scheme is against the needy, drivers would welcome the payment. In addition, the same incentives as existing employees are available.

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Modernized PUVs will be wider and more passengers able to carry. A side entrance, which is more convenient for cyclists and those with reduced mobility, can be used instead of a rear door.

The modernized PUVs would have enhanced entertainment systems, such as television. The units would be smoother for the drivers to manage and would make driving less tiring all day.

The modernization program also provides accommodation for every passenger on any track. You're not going to have to keep up for hours for a cab to hail.

Decongestion Of Traffic

One of the major problems in the world is traffic congestion, leading people to only drive to their destination for two to three hours. As LGUs have had stronger and well-designed route plans, the modernization scheme makes traffic flow smoother.

In addition, drivers are now accounted for and no longer obliged to stop and take passengers in random locations.

Pollution Control

Cars are one of the major causes of air pollution thanks to the carbon monoxide they emit. Fortunately, modern cars are designed not only for their emissions but also for the fuel they use, to be environmentally friendly. Besides, they are rich in energy.

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Higher Income for Domestic Car Manufacturer

One may say that the country's car makers still profit from the PUV Modernisation Program because, while the government has international producers, it prioritizes local industry players.

Up-to-date Information On PUV Modernization

The Vision of Modernization

The Vision of Modernization

Modern pilot vehicles, like Baguio City, have been tested in several parts of the world. Most companies, including Foton and Isuzu, have already shown and delivered their very attractive prototype models.

The DOTr insists, notwithstanding rallies held occasionally, that the PUV modernization program will only be unveiled in 2020. However, they continue to be able to meet opposition parties to deal with their complaints.

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The Present-Day PUV View

Undoubtedly, the PUV transformation initiative aims to improve transit infrastructure, public health, and the environment.

It will still need some improvements and funding, but the future of driving could be much clearer if better implemented without overlooking drivers' well-being!

PUV Modernization Program Guidelines: Conclusion

Much of this is being proposed to resolve the deteriorating traffic crisis in the city under the PUV Modernisation Scheme.

The local authorities are also hoping to give the local population better incomes while also being able to rescue the complicated problem that for decades has created difficulties in ruling the region.

That’s the end of our PUV modernization program guidelines. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best. Keep following us at Corner4men.com for more updated news and stories.

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