Top Items For You Today: Best Smartphone 2021 Philippines Below 10k

Jul 26, 2021
There are many budget phones with lots of designs and functions. We will together see the best smartphone 2021 Philippines below 10k.

Smartphones have been launching the electric market with more and more models and also different multiform designs. Besides, the producers have been developing functions for their products, and customers also now have a lot of choices to get a favorite smartphone. So, what models are noticeable and become the best smartphone 2021 Philippines below 10k in 2021? And what are the best smartphone brands in the Philippines? Let’s get started to explore some models with the list below.

Samsung Galaxy A21S (PHP 9,990)

Samsung is one of the top brands that leads the fashionable design, but the price is budget. When Samsung Galaxy A21S is present, it costs PHP 11,990 in origin. Now the brand discounted it with the promoted price - PHP 9,990. Samsung has made a good stride since ditching the J-series and developing the A-series. With the full-screen design, you will have a full of exciting experiences when you enjoy a film or play a game.

Samsung Galaxy A21S

Realme Narzo 20 (PHP 7,990)

Now, we will show you the best smartphone under 8k Philippines 2021: Realme Narzo 20. It becomes the best gaming-skewed smartphone in this price range. The model lets you play the popular mobile gaming titles with relative ease with a battery capacity of 6,000mAh.

POCO M3 (PHP 7,990)

POCO M3 is competitive with Realme Narzo 20 in terms of pricing and overall target market. The Snapdragon 662 chip will help you play games smoothly.

Infinix Note 7 (PHP 7,990)

Here’s another phone in the same price range as the two models above. The main camera with 48MP and the front camera with16MP will create brilliant photos, even in weak light.

Realme C15 (PHP 6,990)

Realme C15 has a wonderful appearance with a high-quality plastic cover. Besides, four corner edges of the smartphone are made round smartly. This gives users a comfortable and fashionable feeling.

Redmi 9C (PHP 5,990)

Redmi 9C is a smartphone that is not only at a budget price but also supports almost necessary functions. Although the RAM and internal memory are not large, it’s enough to save thousands of unforgettable photos and do some office tasks. The battery is quite long with 5,000mAp.

Redmi 9 (PHP 6,490)

This is the best smartphone under 7k Philippines 2021. Redmi 9 is greater than Redmi 9C a bit, by the energy capacity is 5020 mAh with 4GB RAM.

Redmi 9

Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 Max (PHP 9,999)

With the internal storage of 128GB, Aqua A9 Max will make you satisfied with its memory. Its main camera with 48 MP will take a lot of clear pictures in your camping.

How To Choose The Best Budget Smartphone Philippines

After seeing the list of the best smartphone 2021 Philippines below 10k we have already shown you above, you can see that smartphones are popular as a necessary item. Budget smartphones have become the most concerned product nowadays. They have all the essentials as our requirements, such as a front and rear camera with a big performance, a clear and anti-noise speaker, a touchscreen, and an operating system to update the newest version applications. There are so many choices, so we will help you pick a budget device.

Build Material

It's obvious that the first thing you'll see when you hold a smartphone in your hand and check out is its physical appearance. A beautiful design is a factor. But what makes it impressive? It’s the material covering around a phone. The high-quality encasement decides if a phone is stable and solid. Buyers will feel content in case of scratching or crashing with other items.

Sometimes you will get confused when choosing a budget phone with a great build material. At a budget price level, producers don’t promise completely about the duration. However, that shouldn't matter much. To find a smartphone with a good protector is possible. If you are a careless person, adding an extra layer of protection will save your phone better.


The software and applications have updated versions day by day, and they will work well on a smartphone with a strong hardware configuration. If the system is not compatible enough, the updating process will have a bit of lag. The budget phones also have some models with great processors and high gigabytes of RAM. Although it is not perfect, taking you a long amount of time to complete and spending energy on the battery is acceptable with the budget cost. Focus on RAM and internal memory to get a product that is suitable for your needs.

External Features And Aesthetics

Budget phones are not as attractive as luxury phones, but they are quite fashionable and still nice about their appearance. Now, smartphones are more and more modern and aesthetic, but sometimes to buy a budget phone, you have to accept that it lacks the aesthetics as newer phones. If a smartphone is equipped with enough functions you want, it will not fit with the uneven camera design or unsmart appearance. Otherwise, your smartphone will look posher, but the hardware is not strong, or there is a shortage of higher functions to compensate for their cheap price.


All in all, choosing the best smartphone 2021 Philippines is not difficult, but also not easy if we require a lot in a budget phone. We hardly use all the functions of a smartphone, so we don't need to pay much attention. Choosing a phone and enjoying your smartphone's benefits will be better.

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