10 Pinay Celebrity Short Hairstyles That Will Encourage You To Cut Yours

Jul 29, 2021
Do women only look good in long hair? If you think so, these Pinay celebrity short hairstyles will change your mind. Check out now!

Long hair is one of the beauty standards of women worldwide, including in the Philippines. With long hair, women look more attractive, feminine, and pretty. However, these ten Pinay celebrity short hairstyles will make you rethink which hairstyle is more beautiful. 

This blog on Corner4men will show you the hottest short hairstyles that have inspired many girls to cut their hair short!

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis - a Filipino-Australian actress - has starred in many TV series, including Kampanerang Kuba, Hiram, Dyesebel, Ka Man, Maging Sino Dyosa. From 1997 until now, she has worked for Viva Artists Agency. Curtis is one of the celebrities that have worked in the entertainment industry for the longest time. 

Besides her main career as an actress, this female celebrity has also advocated for UNICEF Philippines. Since she started this career, Anne Curtis has been loyal to long hairstyles. But recently, many people have been surprised at how well Curtis can make her hair look fashionable due to her short haircut. 

Anne loves fashionable hairstyles. 

Jessy Mendiola

As an actress who has played different movie roles, including Maria Mercedes, Jessy Mendiola is one of the shiniest names in this country’s entertainment industry. Besides her success, Mendiola’s beauty is also a great weapon that enables her to climb up to a higher position in her career. 

If you think women can only look good in long hair, then Jessy Mendiola’s short hairstyle will change your mind forever. She has proven that a beautiful lady like her can look gorgeous in any hairstyle with her new style, including short hair.

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Jessy proves she can look great in any haircut.

Jodi Sta. Maria

Maria has worked as an actress and gained many noticeable successes from the age of 15. Jodi is known as one of the most talented actresses in the Philippines, and an International Emmy nominated Filipina. 

Indeed, fans of the Pangako Sa’yo 2000 version will recognize her as she starred in that soap opera series. Maria is also the superstar of a very successful show named Be Careful With My Heart which led to concerts, albums, and even international tours. 

Unlike many other female celebrities, Jodi has chosen short hair as her favorite hairstyle. 

Jodi looks more mature with her short hairstyle. 

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo has starred in five TV series and more than five movies since a young age. Moreover, she is one of the most successful teen celebrities who joined many different shows. 

People also know about Bernardo with the dating rumor about her and Daniel Padilla. Kathryn was a child; she flaunted her long hair and is known as a local shampoo brand’s endorser. However, she suddenly switched to a beachy wave short hairstyle and transformed her image from a teen to a mature woman. 

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Kathryn looks more mature with shorter hair.

Pauleen Luna-Sotto

Pauleen Luna-Sotto joined the show Little Miss Philippines back in 1995. After that, she worked for Star Magic in 2003 and left to work at GMA Artist Center later on. At the moment, she is one of the hosts of a noontime show named Eat Bulaga! At the beginning of 2016, she married Vic Sotto and currently has a child with him. 

In 2009, Luna-Sotto suddenly cut her hair short and made her fans curious about her new Pinay celebrity hairstyles. She reveals that her manager - Lolit Solis, suggested she cut it short and donate the hair to the “Wish Ko Lang!” show.

Pauleen Luna-Sotto looks beautiful in any hairstyle she chooses.

Lovi Poe

After starring in the film Mayohan, Lovi Poe won the Best Actress award in the 2010 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. As Lovi also worked as a model, she needs to change her images quite often. 

No matter if Lovi chooses long hair or short hair, she always looks hot and demonstrates that hair does not define beauty. 
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Lovi looks good in both short and long hair.

Andi Eigenmann

Andi Eigenmann is a mother and also stylish. She is known for the ability to fit and rock any hairstyles she chooses. Thus, people love how well she suits different short hairstyles and her Pinay celebrity hair color

Like many other celebrities on this list, Andi had also joined Star Magic in 2007. In 2012, she left Star Magic and worked for Viva Artists Agency from then until now. Apart from her successful career throughout the years, she is also adored for being fashionable. 

Andi loves different hairstyles and hair colors.

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Erich Gonzales

Enrich is an actress under ABS-CBN’s Star Magic and started her show business early - when she was only 14. As Gonzales gained more success, she could star in different movies, and TV shows such as Tanging Yaman and I Do (she played the lead female role in this movie). 

After Erich Gonzales cut her hair short, she had suddenly transformed from a teen girl to a mature woman. 

Erich loved long hairstyles until she cut her hair short.

Louise Delos Reyes

Louise Delos Reyes is well-known through different projects under GMA Network like Kambal Sirena, Alakdana, Mundo Mo’y Akin, and One True Love; she received a lot of attention from the audience. After she appeared in these TV shows with long hair, Reyes decided to chop her hair off in 2016. This new haircut was bold but made her look more pretty. 

Many fans love Louise’s new haircut.

Sue Ramirez

Sue started her acting career through ABS-CBN and has joined in multiple movies and TV series so far. At the moment, she is one of the most famous teen stars in the Philippines. 

When she cut her hair short, her fans were surprised by how much her appearance changed. While long hair makes her young and active, her new short hair cut makes her look like a grown woman. 

Sue Ramirez’s new hairstyle.

Last Opinions

The female celebrity in this blog can easily prove that beautiful women can look great in different hairstyles. While long hair gives them a feminine and youthful look, short hair can make them look stronger, mature, and fashionable. After seeing different Pinay celebrity short hairstyles in this blog, what do you think about the relations between beauty and hair length? Whose hairstyle is the best on this list?

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