Best Seller Conti’s Cakes With Price List You Must Try Out Today

Jul 28, 2021
Have you ever tasted any cakes in Conti’s bakery? If not, our writing will show you a list of the best seller Contis cake flavors. Let’s take a look!

Conti’s is well known as a bakeshop and restaurant that you can find plenty of cake flavors, and then you could be addicted to their impressive cakes! Let’s go around the bakeshop to find out the best seller Contis cake and take one for you.

Our list on below will give you the top Contis cakes with the price list from the lowest to the highest.

Sans Rival - P795

The first cake in the Contis cake best seller price list we would like to introduce to you is Sans Rival. Originating from French, this tasty cake is known by the full name of Layer Cashew Cake Sans Rival.

The baker makes this Sans Rival with all the familiar layers, like other classic cakes: chewy wafers filled with buttery icing and cashew nuts coat the face of the cake. Surely, the common texture will satisfy most house parties.

The nuts, which are one of the most commonly used ingredients of their unique recipes, will make a typical flavor for this dessert. It’s not only tasty but also rich in vitamins K, E, B-6 and some minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, and selenium. And we bet this Sans Rival is worthy of choosing as a gift for health.

Sans Rival contis cake

Sans Rival With Nuts

Chocolate Obsession - P795

The next best seller cake in Contis you have to try is Chocolate Obsession. If you are a big fan of chocolate cake, this Chocolate Obsession will surely win your heart with three kinds of chocolate inside. 

The ingredients to make this perfect taste include bittersweet chocolate, Belgian milk chocolate, and several white chocolate cream with wafers. Contis chefs will dust full of the cakes with cocoa powder. And we guess a cake full of chocolate like this Chocolate Obsession will become a perfect gift on Valentine's Day.

It’s easy to see that chocolate covers every layer of the cake, which makes Chocolate Obsession look like a huge chocolate block. However, it's not cloyingly sweet. We are sure you will have an impression with this favor. Why don’t you try a piece?

Chocolate Obsession contis cake

Chocolate Obsession Is Like A Chocolate Block

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Banana Dream - P845

Well, those who are addicted to banana flavor could not say no to this Banana Dream! The cake comes with chewy wafers and sweet banana cream around. In addition, Contis’ bakers create mocha mousse, let it surround the vanilla sponge, then drizzle with caramel syrup. 

All make this Banana Dream a unique dessert, right? Why don’t you get one and enjoy the favor of each layer?

Banana Dream contis cake

Contis Cake With Banana Flavor

Ube Custard - P895

What do you think of when you hear the name Ube Custard? Well, you can imagine a cake with yellow custard cream covering, but not. This Ube Custard is dreamlike purple! We bet your treat will be impressive with salient colorful cakes when Ube Custard becomes one of the dishes on the dessert menu.

The cake has alternating layers of custard, ube sponge cake, and real ube, frosted with a vibrant purple-colored frosting. If you are an ube fan, you will know how special this taste is. However, if this is the first time you heard, we will show you a short summary below. 

Ube Custard contis cake

This Ube Custard is dreamlike purple!

Ube is a purple yam originating from the Philippines. Essentially, it’s a bright purple sweet potato but sweeter and more mellow in taste. Ube is popular in desserts in Filipino cuisine and used as an ingredient making the purple for food. People often boil and mash with condensed milk to make ube for dishes.

Some may be confused about Ube and Taro, but they are different. Easily, we can distinguish them by the purpose of dishes. While people often use Taro in savory dishes, ube is more flexible. We can cook ube with savory spices, and commonly use it in sweets. 

Is it impressive enough to buy one? We are sure Ube Custard is a cake you should not miss on the menu.

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Black Velvet - P595 For Mini And P1,175 For Regular

Black Velvet is another chocolate cake in the Contis cake best seller series. The bakeshop supplies you well with both mini size and regular size. 

Well, let’s try a mini Black Velvet cake when you need a little something sweet. In case you are planning a birthday party, it’s ideal to choose a regular size to treat friends. 

As its name, the chocolate layer is velvet with cream cheese filling. Besides, luscious cream icing covers almost outside, and the bakers sprinkle all sides with bittersweet chocolate for decoration.

Black Velvet contis cake best seller

Black Velvet is another chocolate cake in the Contis cake best seller series

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Mango Tart - P725 For Mini And P1,050 For Regular

Our list can not be completed without mentioning Mango Tart. Similar to Black Velvet, this best seller Contis cake price also comes with two options: mini size and regular size, convenient to have a small dessert or hold a big party.

The flavor, of course, attracts you by the mango scent. Mango Tart has a distinct sweetness from ripe mangoes and can serve as a dessert. This is a cake with vanilla cream on a buttery crust and a layer of yellow mangoes.

Mango Tart contis cake best seller

Mango Tart has a distinct sweetness from ripe mangoes and can serve as a dessert

What Is The Conti"s Best Seller Cake You Would Recommend?

All of the cakes in here are extremely great, aren’t they? 

If you have some chances to try some of the flavors, let us know your exciting experience with Contis cakes. As each Contis cake has got different special features, it would be better if you comment to us which taste you love most! Your experience will be useful for others to save time when choosing one cake among plenty of perfect cakes.

What are you waiting for? Let’s order some pieces of best seller Contis cake to see what’s special!

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