The Top 10 Best Laptop Bags in the Philippines that you should buy

Jul 29, 2021
Are you searching for the best laptop bags Philippines? We got your back! Stick to this post, and figure it out!

The laptop is a crucial electric tool for any modern-day worker, particularly white-collar people. The problem is taking care of your laptop is not a breeze as it’s very easy to break. That’s why you need to choose a good bag to protect your sensitive device from rain and shocks.

We’ve made a list of the ten best laptop bags Philippines as a recommendation for you. Besides, our article includes buying and cleaning tips to help you care for your bag.

Tigernu T-B3164 For 17" Laptop - ₱1500

The first candidate in our list of “ Best laptop bags Philippines” is Tigernu T-B3164. Tigernu brand is renowned for successfully combining anti-theft with water-repellent features on its products. Therefore, the Tigernu T-B3164 is perfectly secure and practical in all weather conditions.

Tigernu 17-inch Laptop Backpack

Caselogic Commence Backpack - ₱2499.75

The Logic Commence line-up offers a wide range of colorful models, applying to those fed up with black-messenger-style bags. Besides the contoured straps and padded back panel, the rain flap provides users with great comfort.

Case Logic Commence Backpack

Muji Business Bag with Laptop Storage - ₱2950

Not only does this model bear the Muji simplified lifestyle, but it also consists of spacious compartments. Don’t worry if it’s rainy today, Muji business bag’s water-repellent feature will surely cover your laptop well.

Business Bag With Laptop Storage

Gouache Kahlo Bag - ₱2950

This Japanese-inspired bag has a unique tote style with loads of pockets. Moreover, users can sort out stuff in those compartments and easily find them. Gouache Kahlo bag can function as a camera bag thanks to the luggage holder and the zipper lock.

Gouache Kahlo Bag

Doughnut Montana - ₱3250

The lightweight design makes it an ideal gadget for both daily life and travel. Specifically, the bag comes with a zipped pocket outside and tons of inner compartments. You can keep the passport in the passport holder and always have it in check on the go.

Montana Navy Backpack

Herschel Supply Company Retreat Backpack - ₱449

Herschel Retreat Backpack

The space inside this bag is large enough to store a laptop, a tablet, books, and other things together. Besides, it has contoured shoulder straps, a close front storage sleeve, and adjustable drawcord closure.

Moshi Helios - ₱7990

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or an office worker, as this bag will suit all. It's lightweight, water-proof, and has a casual yet dynamic look. Also, the inner space can hold a 16-inch laptop and other items, like books, folders, or a small umbrella.

Helios Light Slim Backpack

Pacsafe Intasafe Brief - ₱7890


Pacsafe applies the smart zipper and Slash Guard technology on its bag for the safest protection of customers’ belongings. Moreover, the bag can contain a 15-inch laptop, some notepads, and pens - whatever you need.

Samsonite Avant Backpack II - ₱8650


Avant range can deliver both durability and comfort at the same time. These bags are multi-purpose and practical for business, everyday use, or travel. Besides, the front pockets are easy to access, while the hidden ones at the back can protect your valuable items.

Victorinox Werks Professional 2.0, 2-Way Carry Laptop Bag - ₱21990


The last choice of the list “best laptop bags Philippines” is Victorinox Werks Professional 2.0; although it lies at the end of the list, the bag is similarly high-quality as other items. 

The key selling point of this Victorinox bag is that users can carry it in two ways: backpack and traditional briefcase. The bag can withstand harsh weather and serious collision while being incredibly lightweight due to its abrasion-resistant material.

How To Choose The Best Laptop Bags Philippines


It would be best if your bag has a laptop compartment bigger than your device. More specifically, you’d better size up to make sure the laptop fits in comfortably without getting stuck.

Not only a laptop, but the bag carries the bag should also be spacious enough to hold other necessary stuff, like wallets or a tablet. The ideal size typically lies between 15 and 30 liters, depending on your main purposes.

Storage Pockets

If you often bring scads of gadgets when going outside, a backpack full of added pockets is an optimal choice. It gives you space to store staples in different places. Moreover, the bag carries all the things you need, but it can also make it easier to find stuff.


A good bag should be able to protect your fragile items from external impacts. Therefore, a backpack with thick padding will soak up shocks and minimize damages when you accidentally drop it.

What’s more? The most important thing is to choose a laptop bag offering anti-theft features. Many producers have utilized slash-proof steel material to deter the bags’ fabric from being cut; you won’t have to worry about thieves cutting your bag open.

Also, pickpockets often approach the zippers first since they are the fastest way to enter your bag. Therefore, we suggest looking for a backpack with hidden zippers. It will be hard for thieves to find access to your bag.


It’s better to go for ones that fit your preferred style and show your persona. There are plenty of designs you can pick from, such as vintage, minimalist, modern or sporty.

Additional Tips On How To Clean Your Laptop Backpack

In terms of cleaning, you’d better wash the bag manually since materials made up of bags are usually hard to cleanse. Washing machines can’t scrub off all the stubborn dirt on that fabric.

What You Will Need

All you need to prepare is an old toothbrush or rag and mild detergent. As a soft abrasion, the toothbrush helps remove the visible and ugly stains. However, please remember to avoid bathroom rags with tight plastic as they might damage your bag’s upper layer.

How To Wash Your Laptop Backpack

Before mopping the bag, dust it off first. Next, dampen your bag and use the rag to remove sticky dirt. In case you see loose threads hanging, use a pair of scissors to cut them instead of tugging.

With an oily or extremely dirty bag, soak it into a mix of detergent and water in a 1:1 ratio, then scrub the streak using a soft toothbrush. Let it sit for about 30 minutes; after that, rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Please be mindful that eco-friendly detergents are always the top priority.


The ten recommendations above are the best laptop backpack Philippines and the best laptop bag brands Philippines in our opinion. Selecting a good bag to treat such a vulnerable device is undeniably vital. Read other Lifestyle Articles on

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