Thirdy Ravena Hairstyle Over Past Time: Classy Or Pinky?

Jul 28, 2021
Are you a fan of Thirdy Ravena? Now, we will go back in time and check out Thirdy Ravena hairstyle over past time: Classy or Pinky?

Are you a fan of Thirdy Ravena? Not only is he known for being a talented basketball player, his appearance, especially his hairstyle, has received a lot of attention from fans. Now, we will go back in time and check all Thirdy Ravena hairstyles from simple to special!

Basketball Star Thirdy Ravena

Thirdy Ravena is a talented basketball player in the Philippines whose name is very popular with the media. He became famous after his successes in the Ateneo Blue Eagles and national team 'Gilas Pilipinas'. As a basketball player considered by the experts to be comprehensive, he has excellent defensive skill and the ability to score flawlessly at the key moments of the games.

Thirdy Ravena's father was also a great player, inheriting talents from his father and brother whose name is MVP Kiefer, he is expected to succeed in the B Division Japan with San -en NeoPhoenix.

Let's take a look at his hairstyles in recent years.

Thirdy Ravena Hairstyle #1: Classic Pompadour Hairdo

About a year ago, Ravena thought it was time for him to change his hairstyle, and this time he wanted a brand new hairstyle that would make his face become attractive.

On Instagram, Ateneo star posted a story that included the new hook he got from a barbershop.

As you can see, the classic pompadour hairdo makes his face bright, mature, and attractive.

Classic Pompadour Hairdo

Thirdy Ravena Hairstyle #2: Pinky Buzzcut

Because of the Long-lasting Covid pandemic, as a result, we are apart from social services. One of them is a barbershop. To cope with the Philippine summer heat and to ease the sport, many people chose to cut their own hair at home.

The same is true of the talented basketball player Thirdy Ravena. He chose a hairstyle that is as short as possible and is also very fashionable.

Check out his pink hair!

Again, in a story above Instagram, he showed off his new hairstyle with a flower emoji.

Do you like this hairstyle?

And now let's see what his fans have to say about this pink hairstyle.

First player striker and also a fashion enthusiast, CJ Perez showed love along with three fire emojis.

Next, Volleyball star Michele Gumabao replied, "Nice idol," with the love expression; she tried to like the above hairstyle.

Chris Tiu also expressed that this haircut is unbelievable.

Thirdy Ravena's pinky buzzcut

After Ravena publicized her hairstyle on social media, an account called @martinallynns has excited the online community by posting four pictures of an anime character with a similar look to Ravena.

Soon after, this article quickly went viral and received Ravena's support. He then reposted these pictures on his Instagram account and left a comment on @martinallynns's post.

The pictures are from Slam Dunk, a popular anime about basketball. It was also shown on TV in the Philippines.

Hanamichi Sakuragi, the main character of the popular anime Slam Dunk also has a red pompadour hairstyle at the beginning of the series.

A lot of people also work with the basketball star Ravena's new hairstyle to match Sakuragi's. However, it is only different in pink.

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Thirdy Ravena Haircut #3: Controversial Hairstyle

However, the hairstyles of this Philippines basketball star is not always received compliments from the audience.  

Recently, Thirdy Ravena played very well in the match against UST Growling Tigers. However, fans do not discuss his play styles as much as his new hairstyle. 

And perhaps this time, the new hairstyle has caused a lot of controversies.

Here are a few comments about this hairstyle.

an account name @ warhawke9 replied, "what the hell happened to Thirdy Ravena's hair?"

Another named Nicole account has expressed the basketball star's new haircut that made her laugh a lot.

Others compared this hairstyle to weird characters on the internet

However, there are still a lot of fans who expressed interest in this controversial hairstyle.

Thirdy Ravena's new haircut: What is your most favorite?

After reading this article, what hairstyles of Thirdy Ravena do you like? Please drop a comment to let us know whether it's a classy, pinky hairstyle, or the last controversial hairstyle, write a comment to let us know.

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