Top 10 Tourist Destination In The Philippines

Dec 02, 2021
If you're planning on going to the Philippines anytime soon, let’s check the top 10 tourist destinations in the Philippines you could add to your bucket list!

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country with over 7,000 islands, several tourist sites, and rich history and culture. It has a lot to offer travelers searching for an unforgettable holiday!

Furthermore, travelers are always looking for the next great thing to see. Many destinations are yet to be explored or heard about, but a few are all too familiar. This list of top 10 tourist destination in the Philippines will offer you a glimpse of what it's like to visit this stunning country. Let's scroll down to know more!

Top 10 Tourist Destination In The Philippines 2021

We believe this is the fascinating part. We'll recommend the top 10 tourist destination in the Philippines 2021 right here! Continue reading to find out how to select the greatest tourist attraction for your next holiday!

#10: Tagaytay

First of all, we’re landing at the beautiful place, which is Tagaytay! This destination is a great place to visit, especially for tourists looking for some fresh air. 

Furthermore, if you’re in Manila and want to seek an address to enjoy a colder atmosphere close to this Philippines' capital, Tagaytay is definitely worth visiting!

When visitors come there, they can also enjoy good food here. The ideal location we recommend to you is the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. This destination allows you to both experience delicious food and take a deep breath in the fresh air. 

It also has beautiful views of Taal Volcano, making it unique compared to other cities. When you desire to capture a fabulous shoot, ask a three-wheeled rider from outside this tourist spot. Make sure you will have many picturesque photos or videos during that time.

Additionally, the city is also home to many resorts that you can stay at while visiting Tagaytay. No need to worry If you're concerned about the distance, whether long or short, since Tagaytay is located around a two-hour drive from the capital.

#9: Puerto Galera 

Puerto Galera is located on the southern extremity of the Isla Verde Passage, around 130 km south of Manila. It's often one of the first destinations for travelers to this part of Southeast Asia.

It has white sand beaches, coral reefs teeming with fish life, and plenty of water sports. Reaching this wonderful site, don't skip out on many fun activities on the beach. There are jet skis, banana boats, snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing among other activities. 

Right there, you can't beat the nightlife scene either- there are plenty of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos, and other entertainment options to choose from after dark! 

If you're looking for somewhere fun to visit this summer, Puerto Galera should be on your list!

#8: La Union 

La Union is a province in the Philippines. La Union offers a more laid-back and tranquil lifestyle compared to Manila. It's perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. You can find beaches, waterfalls, scuba diving sites, and more! 

You'll also be able to enjoy some delicious food, especially diverse Ilocano cuisine. La Union is known for its delicacies that may make your mouth water just by reading about them!

#7: Corregidor Island 

Let us now travel to Corregidor Island, one of the Philippines' most well-known historical places in the Philippines. It gives modern-day visitors a great understanding of the history that took place here. 

The island has been turned into a memorial site for those who fought in World War II. Visitors can visit the national museum of the Philippines or even take tours to see all that Corregidor has to offer! 

In particular, you can pay a visit to the tunnels in which Americans and Filipinos hid, as well as the guns they once fought with Japanese aircraft and ships. It's an amazing historical destination with lots to do, so come check it out! 

#6: Boracay 


Boracay is the best place to go if you're looking for a tropical island getaway. It has white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as plenty of things to do such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and much more! 

If you're traveling with kids, Boracay, far from 315 kilometers south of Manila, is also perfect because of many family-friendly accommodations. 

So no matter what time of year you visit this beautiful island paradise, you will release your stress and enjoy yourself in a tourist-friendly environment entirely.

#5: Baguio City 

Are you ready for a Baguio City trip? Well, we'll give you some info to help you decide with ease! The city of Baguio is located in the Philippines and known for its cool weather. 

If you are looking to escape the heat during the summer months or want some winter fun, Baguio City should be at the top tourist spot in the Philippines on your list!

There are several tourist attractions in the city, including a botanical garden, Wright Park, Mines View Park, Burnham Park, where you may ride a boat or bike.

Moreover, Baguio is covered by gorgeous mountains, making it perfect for leisurely activities such as hiking and biking all year round! 

If you’re a foodie, this place will make your tummy happy; especially, you can find the greatest purple yam jam or halayang ube, which nuns made at Good Shepherd.

 Don't forget to bring your camera or any device that can capture photos!

#4: Banaue Rice Terraces 

The Banaue Rice Terraces are known as the world's eighth wonder and one of the most popular places on the top 10 tourist spot in the Philippines list. These rice fields were built over 2,000 years ago and carved into Mt. Ifugao. 

The stunning terraces were built and cared for by the Ifugao people.

The terraces provide an important source of livelihood for local farmers who live nearby while attracting more than many visitors each year to see this impressive feat of engineering. 

#3: Pagudpud 

When you come to Pagudpud, please make sure you can't express how happy you were when you saw its breathtaking natural wonders and laid-back vibe. The beach is one of the most beautiful globally and offers activities like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and more! 

Pagudpud also has many other attractions such as nature trails, waterfalls, and caves. If you plan on visiting Pagudpud any time soon, please keep reading this blog post before going there so that you can maximize your stay!

#2: Sagada 

If you are looking for a place to go on your next vacation, look no further than Sagada. It is known for its mountains and caves. Still, Sagada also has tons of other things to do, such as hiking, diving, waterfall visits, mountain climbing, and wildlife excursions are all popular activities. 

The journey from the airports to this wonderland, one of the latest top 10 tourist destination in the Philippines, takes around 15 hours by vehicle, and few people visit since it is far from Manila. 

Don't overlook the hanging coffins; you will regret it if you do this. The reason is that it's a traditional custom of local people to bury deaths in coffins attached to cliff faces hundreds of feet above the earth.

#1: Palawan 

Our list can not be completed without mentioning Palawan!

From our perspective, Palawan has the highest votes on the list, one of the tourist spot in the Philippines. It is the Philippines' most gorgeous island. It's also home to many different species of animals, birds, fish, and insects unique to Palawan alone. 

Currently, Palawan's underground river was just recognized as one of the world's new seven wonders. Before flowing straight into the West Philippine Sea, the Cabayugan River goes underground for more than 24 kilometers through caverns rich with limestone formations. 

It's possible to go on a boat tour of the area. When considering where to go on vacation this summer, don't forget about Palawan in the Philippines! 

Final Verdict 

The Philippines is a beautiful country and has so much to offer. If you are looking for the best places to visit, we hope this list will help! 

Let us know if something else intrigued you on our top 10 tourist destination in the Philippines list or if you have any other questions about visiting the Philippines. We would love to hear from you! For more lifestyle articles, visit


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