Top Local Clothing Brands In The Philippines Worth Checking Out

Jul 28, 2021
If you are a big fan of Filipino fashion, don’t skip this article. Here are the top local clothing brands in the Philippines that you will love for sure. Click to find out.

It can be seen that local brands are becoming increasingly well-known in the Philippines thanks to their great quality, fashionable design, and affordable price. So, if you are a fashionable follower and want to keep up with those latest trends, you can take a look at our list of top local clothing brands in the Philippines whose products are designed and produced with deep passion.

Let’s read our post on to find out more about what they are and their value to society!

An Overview To The Top Local Clothing Brands In The Philippines

This article will provide you with the top 10 clothing brands in the Philippines that deserve a thumb-up from any customers. Using sustainable materials (like reused/ repurposed fabrics), they have successfully remarked their name on the national fashion industry. Some of them with their unique designs have even become strong opponents of other famous brands in the world. 

Here are the great names that you should keep in mind!

Wear Forward

Established by Prince Jimdel Ventura, Wear Forward is a social enterprise that has no small contribution to the sustainable fashion industry in the Philippines. The brand has collaborated with fashion service providers and sustainable fashion companies to become one of the symbols of Slow fashion.

Rather than a shop, they provide services from creative reuse, styling, fashion consulting, brand management, etc.

Therefore, if you are not a huge fan of fast fashion and want to devote yourself to a more sustainable one, come to Wear Forward. You can also donate old clothes for them, and they will transform those into higher quality products. 

Wear Forward is a social enterprise that has no small contribution to the sustainable fashion industry in the Philippines

Anthill Fabric Gallery

ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading or training Hub for Indigenous and Ingenious Little Livelihood Seekers) is among the top clothing brands in the Philippines 2021. Founded by Annie Tan Lim and Anya, the brand is well-known for celebrating the traditional weaving culture and providing a sustainable livelihood. 

Moreover, they have a human-centered and community-based business model to honor the value of all human resources from weavers, designers, partners, and customers. 

Anthill Fabric Gallery honors the traditional weaves

You can find Anthill Fabric Gallery in some circularity programs. For example, with weave exchanging projects, you can change your old Anthill products for gift cards, in zero-waste programs, and so on. 

One of their remarkable collections is Pamana, which turns scrap fabric into clothes. 


Following the reusing and recycling ideas, Pamela Nicole Mejia, the brand founder, has turned plastic and textile waste into new products like shoes, clutch, and so on. Such an effective way to protect the environment!

Besides environmental protection, they also contribute to a sustainable society by creating job opportunities for the disabled. Specifically, people with disabilities create their weaves to make bags, shoes, and textiles. 

An outstanding feature of this brand is you will not see Phinix designs and sews based on trend or whim but on reusing purposes.

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Let’s continue with one of the best clothing brands in Philippines, the Caftcha. Made from katsa or flour sackcloth, their textiles, denim, clothes, bags, pillow covers, blankets have won the heart of many fashion followers. 

Interestingly, Craftcha can create any kind of product from scrap, such an ability that not all brands can have! What’s more, they also provide job chances for disabled people to ensure equality at work.

Re Clothing

Re Clothing belongs to the list of most popular clothing brands in the Philippines when it comes to the sustainable industry. All of their designs come from second-hand or deadstock items. The artisans remake it with embroid to turn them into new products with a more charming look.

With hand-embroidered decoration, Re clothing’s bags, shirts, etc., are generally accepted as unique and well-designed products. You can order your piece of embroidery with this brand, so yours will be the one and only.

Some outstanding designs of Re Clothing

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Forth Co.

Aiming to achieve ethical, circular, and sustainable requirements, Forth Co. has connected brands who want to fight for employees’ rights, care about the environment, and devote themselves to protecting the earth.

Like other brands, Forth Co., along with their partners, produce upcycled clothes and hold workshops to provide tips for keeping your wardrobe sustainable.


Established in 2007, R2R has become a big name in the fashion industry. They first started by supporting women’s job opportunities by having them wove fabric and then expanded to fashion designing. No matter what they did, they always maintain a sustainable society in every single product. 


The name Riotaso is the combination of Rio Estuar - their founder and “retaso,” which is scrap fabric. This name shows her ambition to start and maintain a sustainable brand locally.

Riotaso creates products from the waste of the fashion industry to retain a zero-waste aim. Besides, Rio also wants to share her tips to reuse clothes, contributing to the environment through her workshops.

Riotaso always tries to achieve a zero-waste aim

Lazy Fare And Lucy In The Sky

When talking about top clothing brands in the Philippines, we cannot skip Lazy Fare And Lucy In The Sky. The brand has two categories: Lazy Fare, which sells basic clothes, and Lucy In The Sky that provides trendy products. 

Creating clothing from deadstock materials, Lazy Fare and Lucy In The Sky is considered a successful sustainable brand as their products can be quickly out of stock both online and offline.

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Candid Clothing

Huge fashion manufacturers seem to throw away tons of materials, which is one of the biggest environmental issues. And Candid Clothing, the last name from our list today, aims to tackle this problem. 

They collect the unused fabrics from big factories to upcycle and make skirts, dresses, etc. 

Candid Clothing is a non-expensive sustainable brand

Some people claim that sustainable clothes are much more expensive than fast fashion. But you can get rid of this thought if you come to Candid Clothing. Most of their products' price is quite accessible at fewer than  ₱1,000. 

Top Local Clothing Brands In The Philippines: Wrapping Up

Above is our list of Top local clothing brands in the Philippines that are worth having a look at. If fashion is a war, these brands are highly possible to win due to their special design and contributions to society. 

And they appear to give us much courage and inspiration to start our sustainable fashion journey. 

What do you think about that? Please leave a comment to share with us!

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