Bars In BGC - An Entertainment Paradise For You!

Apr 20, 2022
Looking for bars in BGC to chill? Check out our article to visit the best bar in the Philippines for a chill night!

In Metro Manila, BGC is a major social center for the country. It is home to some of the biggest companies and finest malls, which is why it's no surprise that this area attracts people looking for nightlife adventures with their cousins or friends.

If you want to have a drink, you can find bars in BGC within walking distance. These places offer great ambiance and affordable prices. 

Excited enough? Let's head-on to discover more!

Bars In BGC - 12 Best Destinations For You To Have A Drink!

Salvatore Cuomo

While Salvatore Cuomo is most known for its traditional Neapolitan food (mouth-watering wood-fired pizza), people go to this restaurant and bar for a more sophisticated drink.

It's also a terrific location to meet for a glass of wine or two. Salvatore Prioritise Cuomo can double as a lovely date spot or a place to kick off a crazy night. With all the creature pleasures of a nice restaurant without the stiffness, Salvatore Cuomo may be in one of the best bars in BGC.

Salvatore Cuomo - Bars in the Philippines


i Darts DASH

Besides drinks and jukeboxes, darts are the first thing you would love to give a try when hitting the bar. Visit I Darts DASH, one of the first electronic darts bars in BGC.

On Bonifacio High Street, the bar is located at the entrance of a clothes store. Playing darts while drinking (the new beer pong) is a fresh and exciting way to spend your time after work at the bar. For that casual vibe, i Darts DASH is one of the affordable bars in BGC.

Alegria Cozinha

Suppose you are not a person who does not plan to hang out and wants to taste Latin American cuisine while sipping a cocktail or two. Try visiting Alegria Cozinha Moderna & Sangria Bar, which is across the street from i Darts DASH.

Rue Bourbon

Located in Burgos Circle, Rue Bourbon is the unique one among bars in BGC. This venue achieves the perfect balance between a frantic rager and a relaxed drinking sesh if you're searching for an exciting atmosphere without the uproar of a nightclub.

The vibe that makes Rue Bourbon in BGC stand out is their distinctive beverage options. It impacted the Manila nightlife circuit ten years ago with Caramel Beer's specialty.

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Tap Station

This cool bar contains various beers from Belgium, Prague, Germany, England, and local options. Twenty-five types of beer from Tap Station will not disappoint any beer devotee. Craft Revolt, brewed in Tagaytay by the bar's owners, is a must-try.


Revel at The Palace may prioritize your top-tier choice if you fancy going to a high-class bar with a luxurious nightclub experience. Hitting the club with an adequate dress code, receiving outstanding service, spending time with VIPs, Revel will give you an unforgettable night.

Revel - bars in the Philippines

Bank Bar

Both Revel and Bank Bar are leading the game of being the crown jewels of Uptown BGC. To access these hidden bars in BGC, you must first walk through a 7-11 pantry. 

However, you'll notice that this posh bar is decorated in opulent art deco style once inside. It's ideal for a night of true Gatsby excess.

Hotel Bar at Pink’s

Looking for cheap bars in BGC? It is no exaggeration to say that this bar is one of them. Located on the Shangri-La end of High Street, Pink's is the entrance to the bar. It is well-known for the skillful bartender who can make any specific cocktail ordered.

Additionally, this bar is unique because it is small and less costly than many others in the vicinity, and customers do not have to worry about quality or ambiance.


If you fall in love with classic vibes and Spanish food, this bar is for you. While this restaurant is mainly known for its authentic Spanish cuisines such as tapas and paella, it also has an elegant and modern atmosphere that makes it a fantastic spot to enjoy a bottle of wine.

Including so many great features above, it is no wonder that Tomatito is one of the busiest bars in BGC during the weekend if you are tired of waiting for a table and want to have a cold drink in your hand seconds after sitting down.

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B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar

B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar (Breakfast All Day) is a retro-style diner just above The Palace. They have neon lights, vintage posters, and the like to fit that millennial-meets-old-school vibe.

Asmaybeas the name implies, they take pride in serving high-quality breakfast meals. What makes it unique? They are only open at night and until early in the morning. You can find your familiar favorite breakfast meal, but it is the more elevated and funkier way.

B.A.D Late Night - Bar in the Philippines


LIT Manila

For those Whiskey lovers who seek a bar in BGC with Asian characteristics, you must not pass LIT Manila in the Serendra area of BGC. LIT carries a wide range of whiskeys. 

Instead of the single malt whiskey that most people are familiar with, they have a large selection of Japanese whiskey imported from Japan. Other than that, no other alcoholic beverages are available. They do, however, serve what they do serve.

The Straight Up Roofdeck Bar

The Straight Up Roofdeck Bar is the perfect place to enjoy an evening under the stars while enjoying cocktails, locally brewed beer, and wine, or whatever your pleasure desires. It is one of the coolest bars with live bands in BGC.

Settle into one of their cozy indoor seating areas with views spanning across tall Taguig city buildings, then head out onto The Rooftop when you are ready for more privacy! 

This outdoor lounge has everything from live DJ sets every night (with requests) and a dance floor where visitors can show off some moves too - no matter what level dancer there may be in attendance!

Amenities include pool tables if whisky isn't flowing freely enough already, plus private rooms available upon reservation only that enable guests to indulge themselves even.

Bars with live bands in BGC


Yes Please

Straight Up Roofdeck Bar is the best place to go for a laid-back drinking experience while admiring Taguig's towering skylines. 

Sway to their remakes and mixes of popular disco tunes from the 1980s and 1990s while sipping on local beers, mocktails, or vodka-based cocktails served in branded glasses; this rooftop also sells wine by the bottle!

High Street Lounge

Located at the second level of Shangri-La, High Street Lounge is a friendly social hub in BGC that serves one of the most extensive drink menus and light snacks and pastries. 

The space features floor-to-ceiling windows, luxurious sofas for relaxing after your day's adventures. Soothing jazz music to help you relax while waiting tables - all in an atmosphere that makes even long trips seem short!

High Street Lounge also specializes in locally sourced cocktails made from fresh ingredients and expertly mixed by their mixologists – it truly has something special going on here; don't miss out if this place even remotely interests you.


Above is the variety of bar choices you can make if you want to have some fun in Bonifacio Global City. From live music to retro vibes and everything else, there's a bar for everyone. 

So, go out with friends this weekend and make new ones while you're here - after all, we live in BGC. Have a great time at the bars in BGC, and we will catch up with you soon in the next article at our category Entertainment!

If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with!




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