Guide on How to Pay MMDA Ticket in GCash, MMDA Main Office, LBC & More

Jul 27, 2021
Besides traditional payment methods for MMDA violation fines, you can also make it easy by using GCash. So, how to pay MMDA ticket in GCash?

When MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority)'s No-Contact Apprehension Policy or traffic enforcer caught you violating traffic rules and laws, a refinement notification will be sent to you. After that, all you need to do is pay for the fines. 

This article on will show you how to pay MMDA ticket in GCash and via other methods.

How to pay MMDA ticket? With several options, from paying online to going to the MMDA office, you can make the payment process as convenient as possible. Here are the methods you can use to pay your fine:

How to Pay MMDA via GCash

To begin with, let's take a brief look at GCash. Gcash is a digital wallet created to help you pay bills, buy loads, send money, shop, and more. 

When you put money on it, your cash will become digital, and Gcash allows you to pay for many things online, including your MMDA traffic violation check.

So, how to pay MMDA ticket using GCash? Simply, you need to look at your OVR Number and omit the M on it in order to make it 11 characters when you are paying.

GCash will allow you to pay your MMDA fines online

GCash will allow you to pay your MMDA fines online.

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Pay at the MMDA Official Office - Treasury Division

You can pay your fine directly at the MMDA official office - Treasury Division located at EDSA corner Orense Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. 

Before going to the office, make some photocopies of your license and OVR in case you need to show them.

Pay via Bayad Centers

To pay your MMDA violation payment using Bayad Centers, you will need to bring your OVR and fill up all the required information on your payment form. After the procedure is finished, keep it in case they request you to show the proof of payment.

Pay via LBC

Like paying via Bayad Centers, it’s necessary to bring your OVR and fill up the required information.

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Pay at SM Bills Payment

SM Bills Payment is also an available method to pay your MMDA ticket. Similar to others, bring the OVR and then fill in all the required information from your payment form. Keep your receipt in case you need it later. 


Before Dec 2018, you could pay MMDA via Metrobank, but after this time, this payment method is not available anymore. 

How to Do MMDA Traffic Violation Check Online

MMDA has been trying to develop its no-contact apprehension policy for many advantages, so both motorists and the officers will find it more convenient. As MMDA recently launched the new website called May Huli Ba, MMDA license violation check is now so much more convenient for motorists as they do not need to go to the official office to check anymore. 

Normally, when a person is caught violating the rules, CCTV from the MMDA agency network will record his violation. After that, he will receive a formal notification about his violation and the fine he will need to pay. 

However, there are certain cases that you might not be able to receive those notifications. For example, if you have changed the address or traveled somewhere, how can you know? In this case, MMDA violation check online is the most convenient option to do!

So, how to check it?

  • Step 1: Go to the "May Huli Ba" website
  • Step 2: Type your plate number correctly
  • Step 3: Read the message from the website

Now, if you have committed the violation, you will see the information of the violations' details, including the date and time, type of violation, and more information. 

In case you have not violated any rules, then you will not see these kinds of information. Instead, you might receive some funny messages from the web.

You can check your traffic violation in May Huli Ba website

You can check your traffic violation in May Huli Ba website

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What If I'm Late for MMDA Violation Payment

There are many reasons that might make people late for paying their violation payment, and one of the biggest reasons is the way they receive their violation ticket. 

The No-Contact Apprehension Policy will send you a notification of your violation ticket through your registered emails. Still, as you know, sometimes we just do not check the mails often enough. 

A notification will be sent after you are caught violating the traffic law.

A notification will be sent after you are caught violating the traffic law.

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When you are late for MMDA violation payment, you will not be able to renew your driver's license. The situation is even worse if you do not pay your traffic penalties or traffic violation fines because you will encounter trouble during vehicle registration. 

After you are late for the payment, the MMDA will include your vehicle license plate number in its alarm list. It will also report your vehicle plate number to the LTO. 

This action requests the LTO not to renew your registration of motor vehicle until you fully complete the payments for traffic fines and penalties.

There are two cases that will decide whether your motor vehicle registration or driver's license will be affected. 

If you do not pay the MMDA payment under the contact apprehension, the motor vehicle registration will not be renewed. 

On the other hand, if some enforcement officer caught you violating the rules and you failed to pay the fine, then the driver's license will not be renewed. 

The MMDA provides a familiar procedure for penalties and traffic violations, whether through the No-Contact Apprehension Policy or the MMDA's traffic enforcers' Contact Apprehension. 

You should also pay attention to the payment methods you will need to follow, depending on if you are late for the payment or not. 

For MMDA violations issued by the MMDA traffic enforcers, you can choose different payment methods we mentioned at the beginning of this article, including paying at MMDA's Office, LBC, or Bayad Centers, GCash, or SM Bills within seven days. 

After seven days and you have not yet paid the fine, you will need to go to the MMDA Redemption Office that is located at EDSA corner Orense Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City if you are within Metro Manila. 

MMDA violation payment: Conclusion

This article has shown you how to pay MMDA tickets in GCash and via other payment methods, as well as some detailed guides on checking your violation history online. 

Remember that whenever you get the violation notification or find your violation information online, you will need to pay the fine as soon as possible to avoid inconvenient issues.

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