Simple Steps on How to Get PhilHealth ID: An Ultimate Guide

Apr 15, 2022
This guide on how to Get PhilHealth ID will provide everything you need if you want to register for a health insurance service! Check this article out!


Being a registered user of a health plan may be sufficient to ensure that you are insured. However, if you do not have an ID, accessing the facilities and services may be difficult. 

Fortunately, how to get PhilHealth ID is easy and can also be completed online. Let’s see how to get yourself the best health insurance service!

An Overview Of PhilHealth

Your PhilHealth ID is your key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. A unique number proves you are enrolled in the National Health Insurance Program, allowing for benefits such as health insurance coverage!

With the help of a PhilHealth ID, you can now enroll yourself into our health insurance program and avail all benefits that come with it.

Who Receives A PhilHealth ID?

It is a fact that every Filipino citizen (including non-employees) is eligible for an ID, under the condition that you join PhilHealth first. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to know how to get PhilHealth id online:

How to get a PhilHealth number?

1. Search for an Office with Health Insurance service or an Express branch from PhilHealth in your location.

2. Obtain two additional duplicates of the Member Registration Form before your visit. This paper will include personal information such as an address, your name, and your family history.

3. Make a list of the requirements: two genuine official IDs or PSA-issued Birth Certificate, as well as two current passport photographs (1x1)

4. Complete the P-Member Registration Form and turn it into the person who is responsible for receiving registration at your preferred destination (an Office with Health Insurance service or an Express branch from PhilHealth)

5. You will be granted a file to store your data and a PhilHealth number once your forms have been processed. In addition, you will be expected to make a contribution based on your basic monthly wage.

Note: You need to contact the HR Department if you want these documents done. They are in charge of scheduling things for employees, after all!

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What Kinds Of PhilHealth ID That I Can Get?

There are two available types of ID: PhilHealth ID or Digitized Insurance Card. Which one would work best, you may ask? 

It all depends on what type of person applies: if they have steady employment and plan enrollments online through salary Magnitude Online Philippines Healthcare Portal; meanwhile, those without jobs must go paperless using our Mobile blessings platform.

How to receive a regular PhilHealth ID?

Employees should obtain their ID through their company's HR department. If you are not in the employee's state, you must do the following steps to understand how to get PhilHealth id online 2022:

1. When visiting a PhilHealth Express branch, you should first have two validated IDs and your membership number ready.

2. After arriving at your preferred branch, ask the staff to give you the form to request.

3. Complete the application form to the best of your ability. Please return it to the staff after it's finished. Please double-check that the information you supply is accurate.

How to receive a digitised PhilHealth ID card?

1. Referring to the previous process, instead of inputting a PhilHealth ID in regular mode, select "Digitized Insurance" from the dropdown menu. 

You will then need two valid government-issued IDs for verification purposes. After submitting this form, there is no further action required until it has been processed by our team at insurance online id now!

2. If you want to add them in, you must identify "dependents" (other person's your coverage will insure). You must produce two government-issued legal IDs on their account to add them.

3. Finally, you should pay a P90 standard charge. The cost of issuing an ID for applicants with dependents is P358.

Now comes the part when you have to wait. Don't worry; this should take a few minutes for the official to print your ID and give it straight to you! 

Finally, you know how to get PhilHealth id card online.

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What Are Other Benefits of Having A PhilHealth ID?

Congratulations on getting your own PhilHealth ID! Now you can take advantage of all these great benefits you can access from this amazing card! What are they?


A Regular card can serve all of your healthcare needs. You'll get a case rate that's the amount you've saved from before, which can cover hospital visits and other medical expenses as well! This rate includes services:

  • Hemodialysis
  • Day Surgeries
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Radiotherapy

When you enroll with PhilHealth, the Member Data Record must be available for use. Without this information, we cannot process any claims or benefits requests on behalf of patients. 

We must refer them back to submit their paperwork themselves through the reputable facilities where they were treated.

PhilHealth ID


The Insurance Card is a government identification card used for money-related and identity-related issues. 

Like regular ID cards, it's also good to know your family members with insurance coverage from PhilHealth's partner companies can receive Inpatient or Out-Patient benefits at any hospital in the country!

It also includes savings at several pharmacies and businesses, including:

  • Rose Pharmacy, Watson's, The Generics Pharmacy, and South Star Dougall provide 15% off generic medications.
  • GSK and PQ Health Shield offer discounts on flu vaccinations ranging from 20% to 80%.
  • JNW Drug Testing Centers offers a 10% discount on drug testing.
  • Vivian Sarabia Optical is offering a free eye test and a 20% discount on items.

Along with these advantages, PhilHealth has announced that packages for COVID-19 patients are now available. Intermediate packages are available to those with suspected COVID-19 cases and negative RT-PCR medical tests.

This is your chance to be conscious of safety. Becoming a PhilHealth ID holder will ensure that you have the help and support of our country in times like these, so don't miss out on how to get PhilHealth PVC id.


Now that you know how to get PhilHealth ID, will you get one anytime soon? We understand that waiting in line for hours to receive official IDs like this one might be inconvenient, but don't overlook the necessity of possessing this specific government-issued ID.

It's one of the most efficient methods to obtain benefits in private and public healthcare facilities, especially during the current epidemic. Aside from having your PHIC ID on hand in case of an emergency, be sure to keep your PhilHealth membership up to date.

Stay tuned for more Gadgets & Wheels on our page. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with!









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