The Best Affordable Sunscreen For Face Philippines Is Available Right Now!

Jun 28, 2022
Summer has arrived, and you need sunscreen! Let’s check out the best affordable sunscreen for face Philippines in this article to protect your skin!

It’s summertime, when we lie on the beach on hot days, drinking cocktails and getting sun-tanned! Although this scenario sounds interesting, the situation will worsen if you don’t use sunscreen to protect your face and body!

In this article, let’s discover the best affordable sunscreen for face Philippines so that the hot sunlight won’t burn you!

The Best Affordable Sunscreen For Face Philippines

Belo SunExpert

Although Belo SunExpert is still a new brand in the Philippines market, it has gained considerable customers because of its expertise in fighting against the sun. 

Belo SunExpert Face Cover satisfies customers’ needs with SPF40 and PA+++, lightweight and water-resistant without being sticky. After all, the scent-free cream leaves no white cast, so you don’t have to worry about your skin being too white. 

Belo SunExpert Sunscreen

Belo SunExpert Sunscreen

And last but not least, it is suitable for all types of skin, from dry to oily to combination skin. You don’t have to worry about anything while using this high-quality sunscreen from Belo, as it is the best affordable sunscreen for oily skin Philippines!

Luxe Organix

Luxe Organix is one of the newest face sunscreen Philippines, and it is promised to bring out great effects on anyone’s skin. 

The Aqua Daily Sunscreen has become well-known since it was formulated according to Filipino skin characteristics. Having the anti-sunlight power of SPF50 and PA+++, Aqua Daily Sunscreen is suitable to use daily, as its texture is lightweight and easy absorbent without being greasy. 

The special point is that people with sensitive skin can also use Luxe’s products as the ingredients are alcohol-and-paraben-free. If you are looking for a neutral, no-scent sunscreen, check out this Philippines sunscreen called Luxe Organix.

Happy Skin Cosmetics

When we mention a famous Filipino skincare brand, Happy Skin rises as one of the popular choices! Its fame in delivering high-quality yet affordable products has made us choose the Happy Skin sunscreen as one of the best face sunscreens to look out for!

The Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer (SPF50 PA+++) has slowly become everyone’s favorite due to its amazing selling factors. People love using it because of the beautiful packaging and easy-absorbent texture with no scent, paraben, or alcohol.

Happy Skin Sunscreen

Happy Skin Sunscreen

It also includes healthy ingredients, such as ceramide or hyaluronic acid, so users won’t have to worry about their face getting bad effects from the cosmetics. 

With such a high value of SPF, the texture’s color is quite pink-tinted, so if you are not the biggest fan of tint shade, only use a bit of it. But don’t worry, as the tint will seamlessly melt into your skin in no time when it comes to the sun. 

The glow will be magnificent once you come out of the sun without fear!

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Lana PH

The worst nightmare anyone can think of when using sunscreen on hot summer days is stickiness. 

Stop worrying non-sense because with Lana’s Skin Protect Brightening Sunblock, your skin can enjoy the most lightweight, easy-absorbent second skin ever. With a matte finish, it is compatible with makeup as a primer, so you wouldn’t need to use primer when applying this sunscreen.

And here’s come a shocking truth: Lana’s sunscreen provides ultimate protection of up to SPF80!


We all love skincare products with a bit of vitamin C since it is a healthy-for-skin mineral essential for every skin type. It is essential for dark spot removal and skin nourishment after staying in the sun for too long!

And with Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Sunscreen (SPF50+ PA+++), your skin can be nourished from in to out. This magical product works as a skin brightening product and a protection cream, so you will be enlightened while staying out of the hot sunlight.

Garnier Sunscreen

Garnier Sunscreen

And last but not least, every skin type is compatible with this magical sunscreen, so feel free to use it with ease! It is an affordable sunscreen for acne-prone skin philippines.


You have probably heard of Neutrogena, one of the best cosmetic brands for producing high-quality skincare. That is why our lists cannot be completed without a Neutrogena sunscreen, which is Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion.

Neutrogena Ultra Sunscreen

Neutrogena Ultra Sunscreen

This product meets all sun-effect expectations, lightweight, blendable, and dries out fast! With a matte finish, it ensures your skin will stay dry all the time without leaving white pores due to its High-End White Technology! 

This Neutrogena sunscreen in Philippines acts like an invisible coat on your skin, which will protect the surface underneath in no time.


Now we will move on to the foreign sunscreen section! First up is a famous Japanese brand Biore with the signature Biore’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence. 

As the name states, this sunscreen from Biore provides a lightweight water-based texture on hot summer days. You will get 100% sunproof without stickiness after applying this gel, thanks to a modern micro defense UV formula technology. 

Besides that, the gel lasts long throughout the day, so you don’t have to worry about other problems with your skin, as long as you have this miracle gel on! If you are a fan of Japanese cosmetics, this sunscreen’s texture will suit you in no time! 


And that’s everything we have about the best affordable sunscreen for face Philippines. We hope this article has been helpful for you to get the best sunscreen to fight against the hot sun in the summer. 

Enjoy a cool and healthy summer with your favorite sunscreen, and we will catch up with you soon in the next article on Lifestyle. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with!

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