Five Best Sunblock Lotion In The Philippines For Your Skin

Jul 28, 2022
Are you looking for sunblock to protect your skin with minimum allergies? The top best sunblock lotion in the Philippines will be recommended to you.


Using sunblock daily is very important as it helps protect our skin from sun rays and slow the aging process.

Everyone understands the effectiveness of sunblock, but not many people know how to choose a suitable one. This article will give you the five best sunblock lotion in the Philippines so you can choose the right product for your own.


Sunblock, which is also called physical sunscreen or mineral sunscreen, is a physical way to protect skin from UVA and UVB radiation. Many people are keen on sunblock because of its remarkable ability of sun protection as well as gentle components.

The mechanism of sunblock is simple: it will create a strong barrier reflecting the sun rays, blocking and scattering them from entering your sensitive skin. Therefore, your skin will be healthy and glowy even if exposed to intense sunlight at the beach.

The Difference Between Sunblock And Sunscreen

When you walk through a supermarket or a pharmacy aisle to look for an item saving your skin from the UV, you might notice that some are called sunscreen (chemical sunscreen), while others are sunblock (physical sunscreen). So what are the differences?

The first point is about ingredients. The main factors of sunblock are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Although these substances are benign, they create a thick and opaque mixture, leaving white streaks on faces. 

On the other hand,  various chemicals are combined in sunscreen, and some products even have active ingredients like avobenzone or oxybenzone. These substances might create allergies among users.

Thus, sunscreen is not a good choice if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any above components. However, as the sunscreen does not create a physical layer on your face, the skin color will be more natural and realistic.

Another thing is the way they operate. While sunblock obstructs sun rays by building an obstacle to prevent them from penetrating the skin, sunscreen works differently. 

Instead of erecting a barrier, chemicals in the sunscreen keep most UV rays out and absorb some in, reacting with them and releasing the energy generated as heat.

Besides, while sunblock is active immediately, users applying sunscreen must wait at least 30 minutes for the substance to absorb into the skin before heading outside in the sun.

Best Sunblock Lotion In The Philippines

Till this part, you have had certain knowledge about sunblock and the differences between sunblock and sunscreen. Now, we will list the five best sunblock lotions in the Philippines appropriate for this summer.

Lana PH Sunblock 

All skin types can use this sunblock, so it is worth considering possessing one if you are prone to acne or treatment. As a lotion, the texture is lightweight, making the sunblock absorb quickly into the pores.

Noticeably, apart from Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, Lana PH also contains Niacinamide, an active ingredient able to brighten up the uneven skin tone and the dark spots. In addition, you can use this sunblock as a primer if you often make up.

The sunblock has a broad spectrum to keep your skin from the damage of both UVA and UVB rays. However, its SPF is up to 80, so if you intend to commute around the city, SPF 50 should be enough. In case you go to the beach, SPF 80 will be preferable.

Besides, this sunblock is made here in the Philippines. Truly support the local brand by using it!

Lana pH Sunblock

Lana pH Sunblock

Beach Hut Sunblock

Using Micronized Zinc Oxide Technology and Benzene-free, the Beach Hut sunblock lotion ensures you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest. 

Unlike other sunblocks, it is light and stable while not leaving white casts or a sticky feeling on your body. It is also hypoallergenic and harmless for sensitive skin. 

The spectrum is wide with SPF 100, offering maximum protection from the damages of sun rays, the main cause of dark spots, sunburn, and even skin cancer. 

On top of that, it is water and sweat-resistant, so you can swim enjoyably under the pool or beach without worrying about these harmful impacts.

Beach Hut Sunblock Lotion

Beach Hut Sunblock Lotion

QuickFX Face and Body Sunblock

The QuickFX sunblock gives wide-ranging UVA and UVB defense with SPF 50 PA++. It is lightweight and does not leave oily or heavy sensations, so you can use it as a perfect primer under a makeup layer for everyday use.

One outstanding feature of this lotion SPF 50 is its components: BSASM, a combination of seven famous natural plant extracts in Asia. Thanks to it, the Quick FX prevents not only detrimental effects of sun rays but also hydrates and gives an instant soothing feeling to the users. 

These ingredients, along with lotus water, also help to calm the redness and reduce skin inflammation. Too many benefits in a small sunblock lotion package.

QuickFX Face And Body Sunblock

QuickFX Face And Body Sunblock

Magwai All Natural Sunblock

Another local sunblock is Magwai Reef-Safe Sunblock. As its name, this sunblock contains friendly and natural local ingredients. Hence, it is safe for your skin, even for kids. 

With a lotion texture, it is lightweight and thin, so you can easily rub the sunblock on your face without affecting the former skincare layers.

Its spectrum is broad with SPF 50, effectively reflecting the harsh sun rays to avoid sunburn and other damages. 

Apart from the protective merits, this sunblock lotion also helps to keep your face hydrated all day long, thanks to rich components such as jojoba, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

Natural Sunblock Lotion

Natural Sunblock Lotion

Belo Reef-Friendly Sunblock

If you are an environmental lover, this sunblock is right for you. It does not contain oxybenzone; a chemical believed to harm marine life. 

Including two benign and gentle ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and high SPF 60 and PA++++, it is best for blocking the UV rays. As a sunblock lotion, it is non-greasy and does not leave white casts after applying.

The extraordinary point of this sunblock is that it is formulated with a state-of-the-art technique: CellProtect Formula, thereby preventing the damage of cells and improving the skin youth.

The sunblock is paraben-free and fragrance-free, so it is appropriate for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Besides, it is waterproof and sweatproof, so you can use it while exercising.

Belo Reef-Friendly Sunblock

Belo Reef - Friendly Sunblock


Choosing the best sunblock lotion in the Philippines is not easy work. Besides understanding your face's needs, knowing the products well can increase the quality of sun protection and avoid unexpected reactions.

We hope you can opt for the best sunblock lotion suitable for your skin with the information above. Head to the nearest store and grasp one now!

Thank you for reading! Also, you might read our writing of any other article like this on Lifestyle. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with

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