Champagne Room Manila Hotel Review in Great Details

Aug 08, 2022
Keep scrolling down this ultimate Champagne Room Manila hotel review to learn about one of the most luxurious hotels in the Philippines!


It feels like traveling back in time to see The Manila Hotel's Champagne Room. The elaborate baroque architecture might send you back in time. The setting is oozing with European royal splendor. So, your fairy tale dream will take place in this ever-glorious hotel. 

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Champagne Room Manila Hotel Interior & Ambiance

The Manila Hotel's exterior won’t look like a castle when you get out of the automobile. The exterior may appear plain and nearly naked if it weren't for the brilliant lamps and the limousine parked directly in front of the entrance. However, as soon as you enter, the huge hall and the tight security will welcome you, and you will immediately feel the atmosphere of luxury and history in the location.

Manila Hotel's exterior

Manila Hotel's Exterior

All the chairs are upholstered in chintz, and the space is decorated with vintage chandeliers. Every square inch of the room is covered with thick draperies, luxurious carpeting, and crystal accents. You'll almost want to put on your ball gown as soon as you catch a glance of the Champagne Room. Manila Hotel didn't cut corners in creating the restaurant's luxury, as evidenced by the chandeliers, crystal palm trees, and exquisitely upholstered chairs.

A brilliant violinist performed both traditional and contemporary music, joined by a pianist, to create the ideal ambiance.

Champagne Room Manila Hotel Food

For years, society's elite has made Champagne Room their preferred dining establishment, making it the destination to be. The names of all the awesome people who have visited the restaurant would likely be revealed to guests if the walls could communicate, along with information about the transactions made there. 

However, patrons could ask the personnel for advice because it is not possible. The current staff might be able to direct you to delicacies that can bring you the feeling of a king or queen, yet there is no assurance that they have fed dignitaries and prominent businesses.

The Degustation Set from Champagne Room Manila Hotel menu is a great option for those who want to try various foods from Champagne Room. It's better to call the restaurant to find out what's currently being offered because the menu varies every month. One may anticipate the fundamentals of good dining, including a starter, appetizer, soup, sorbet, main meal, and dessert, followed by a cheese course, regardless of the menu and course offerings. Guests can also have coffee or tea to go with their dessert. A la carte options are available at Champagne Room if you find multiple-course meals to be too much.

Champagne Room Manila Hotel

Champagne Room Manila Hotel

Diners can be guaranteed that Konrad Walter - a Swiss Executive Chef has expertly prepared every dish, whether they select the a la carte option or the set menu.

Although the Champagne Room is often exclusively available for dinner, it just started serving lunch from Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. This allows busy professionals and casual customers to escape fully packed evenings.

Champagne Room Manila Hotel Price

Even though a meal at the Champagne Room is not inexpensive, the experience and the high caliber of the cuisine and service make it all worthwhile!

The average cost for two people is approximately PHP 2500 without alcohol. You should spend around PHP 160 for a pint of beer here. 

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Hopefully, you enjoyed our blog post about Champagne Room Manila Hotel review! Champagne Room is a romantic, glitzy window into the past. It is the perfect venue for important events or when you feel like getting dressed up. In its exquisite ambiance, you can choose your favorite meals for lunch or dinner and indulge in lavish dining!

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