How To Choose Suitable Traveler's Choice Luggage For Your Trip?

Sep 05, 2022
Are you heading to a wonderful holiday and about to travel somewhere? Here is how you should choose suitable Traveler’s choice luggage

In recent years traveling is in higher demand since people regard this to relax after a stressful period of work. As a result, the need for high quality and exquisite luggage has also been increasing.

Many people have trouble choosing suitable luggage for travel since there is a wide range of luggage brands, models, colors with different functions. Traveler’s choice has always been a famous brand in the Philippines and their luggage gains the trust of many customers.

So if you want to buy Traveler’s choice luggage but don’t know which type is suitable for you, read this article. Here we will show you different criteria to purchase fine luggage.

Luggage For Travel

Luggage For Travel

Traveler’s Choice Luggage

First, let’s see what is Traveler’s choice and why it is so popular in the Philippines. Founded in 1984, Traveler's Choice is recognized worldwide for its dedication to the traveling industry and its assertion of manufacturing quality. Over the course of three decades, Traveler's Choice has earned and maintained its status as one of the world's leading suppliers of suitcases and bags.

Dominating the wholesale and retail markets in the US, Traveller's Choice is now reaching out to the world with over 4,500 points of sale worldwide, along with over 1.5 million suitcases sold annually.

How to choose Traveler’s choice luggage?

To find a suitable suitcase requires much experience, time and effort. We will share some interesting tips and aspects that you should consider while intending to buy a suitcase.

Pay attention to the material:

There are two types of popular materials when it comes to suitcases: One is luggage with two hard sides made of high-quality plastic, the other is a soft suitcase made of soft leather or canvas. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages in use:

Luggage For Travel MaterialHard plastics suitcases are the popular choices for traveling

  • Hard plastic suitcase: Sturdy design, elegant appearance, easy to store luggage even in the rain. However, because it is made of hard plastic, the disadvantage of this type is that it is easily scratched during transportation before and after the flight.
  • Soft leather or parachute suitcase: The surface of the suitcase is soft, the weight is negligible; it is easy to expand to hold more items. Therefore, it is necessary to consider when loosening the suitcase because it can lead to excess weight, too large for the luggage compartment on the plane. The disadvantage of this type is that it is easily affected by external forces when affected and difficult to clean when wet.

Luggage Travel size

Determining the luggage travel size when choosing to buy a suitcase that suits your needs is very important. A suitcase is judged to be the right size when it has enough capacity for the luggage you want to carry and the length of your trip is long or short. Prioritize buying suitcases with the right size for your long-term use needs.

Luggage Travel SizeDetermining the luggage travel size is important

Traveler’s Choice luggage is available in various shades, tones and colors. Dark suitcases such as brown, black, and gray seem to create a cleaner feel and last longer. Meanwhile, choosing a suitcase with bright colors (pink, red, yellow, or blue) will help you avoid confusing luggage with other people when picking up suitcases on the conveyor belt at the airport.

Other tips

Choosing a suitcase is not everything, you should know how to pack your luggage wisely before every trip.

Beach holidays

Here is what you should bring when traveling to the sea:

  • Choose easy to combine items
  • Full use the space of carry-on bags
  • Don't pack bulky items, wear them

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Tips for packing luggage for air travel

If you plan to travel by air this holiday, don’t miss these tips for packing luggage for air travel:

  • Put the emergent things in your carry-on luggage
  • Put valuables in carry-on
  • Put electronic devices in one place
  • Make sure you have all the documents
  • Prepare a first aid kit with the basics, especially pain relievers

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Above are several interesting tips to choose a suitable Traveler’s choice luggage for you. We Hope you have a very enjoyable trip!

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