Best summer outfit 2022 Philippines for men and women

Sep 07, 2022
Summer is here! Let's dress up beautifully for this hot season. Summer 2022 marks the rise of many bold fashion styles and vibrant colors.

Summer is here! Let's dress up beautifully for this hot season. Summer 2022 marks the rise of many bold fashion styles and vibrant colors. However, you still have a way of dressing stylishly for yourself without following the trend too much. Here are the summer outfit ideas for 2022 for her active, full-fledged summer. Let's take a look at the super comfortable and trendy summer outfit 2022 for ladies and men!

Summer Outfits For Ladies 2022

1. Croptop bibs and skirts

To stay beautiful, women cannot lack a crop top combined with a short skirt this summer. Croptop bibs are not only gentle but also very cool and seductive when showing off your slender shoulders and collarbones.

Since decades ago, bibs have always been popular and a fashion trend for old women. Until now, they are designed in many designs and colors suitable for the current era, especially for summer outfits 2022.

Croptop bibs and skirts

2. Long-sleeve/short-sleeved crop top

To show off your slim waist and make your body hot, this is a great summer outfit 2022 for girls. The long sleeve crop top looks a bit more mature than the short sleeve top, but no matter what, both are very young and sexy.

In particular, crop tops now have a lot of extremely attractive designs such as open shoulder, open back, or very sexy belly wrap. Wearing a crop top with any skirt is very beautiful and extremely comfortable when walking down the cool street.

Long-sleeve/short-sleeved crop top

Tips: Combine with super dynamic shorts

Compared to skirts, shorts are no less, because shorts are much more comfortable to wear than when wearing skirts. This is the summer outfit 2022 that is very suitable for those of you who are personality, love the fashion sense when combining shorts with many different styles of shirts such as wide t-shirts, shirts or many different styles, all very beautiful and youthful.

3. Jean shorts with a loose shirt

Surely in your wardrobe, a basic shirt is indispensable because it is not only beautiful but also very delicate and polite, suitable for dates or going out to work. An oversize shirt when combined with jean shorts is always the perfect combination.

Jean shorts with a loose shirt

4. Straight leg jeans with halter tops

In order to keep the body in a cool state, the halter top is a perfect choice, both highlighting the charm of the ladies and showing off their unique personalities. The most prominent feature of this summer outfit 2022 is that it is very simple, and comfortable but no less sexy. In addition, combining a 2-string shirt with a skirt or shorts is also a great idea for this summer.

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Straight leg jeans with halter tops

5. Jeans with a T-shirt

For a long time, long jeans have always been well received and trusted because of their durability and youthful personality. Jeans are mixed with quite basic colors such as light blue, black, blue-black, white, .. or combined with some modern motifs such as butterfly embroidery, painted scales in many styles of young people today.

Besides, T-shirt is always the first choice of many people because of its comfort and youthfulness that can be matched with all different types of pants. Not only basic t-shirts but also unique embroidered or printed t-shirts, which are also extremely attractive to young people. These 2 items when combined together will bring a simple but equally youthful and dynamic style.

Jeans with T-shirt are the best summer outfit 2022

Men's Summer Outfit Ideas 2022

1. T-shirts and shorts

A T-shirt with shorts is a summer outfit 2022 that men are always interested in. Especially on hot days, this combo is more and more chosen by men for walks, coffee, or going to the beach with friends.

A T-shirt with shorts is a summer outfit 2022 that men are always interested in

2. Outerwear and T-shirt

With the hot weather of summer, wearing thick and heavy coats is like "torture". So lightweight shirts are a very reasonable alternative.

The most common way to coordinate men's summer clothes is to wear a colorful shirt or a floral pattern on the outside of a plain T-shirt. This design is both simple, but also suitable for summer weather.

Outerwear and T-shirt

3. Jeans/denim jacket and jeans

On hot summer days can't wear fur coats, or thick sweatshirts, but jeans or denim jackets will be more suitable. Moreover, wearing a jeans jacket style and long pants like jeans, khaki or chinos will help guys be more dynamic and youthful.

Jeans/denim jacket and jeans

Above are the outfit suggestions for the summer outfit 2022 that we have selected and brought to you. We hope that our sharing will help you to be more confident and easier every time you coordinate or choose clothes to go down the street.

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