Hidden Hair Color Ideas - New Trend For Dyed Hair

Apr 19, 2022
If you're looking for a twist on the classic dyed hair, why not try hidden hair colors ideas? Check out further new hues in this article now!


You may be worried that dyeing your hair will make it too revealing. For that, you're looking for a solution where the color only shows up when pulling back into an updo or putting up. 

That sounds perfect when you try some hidden hair color ideas. What makes your tinct more mysterious, and you won't have to worry about hiding it even in a work environment where motley locks are strictly prohibited.

There are so many cool and unique sections out there. Find out what your favorite ones are!

Hidden Hair Color Ideas

Unicorn pastel

unicorn pastel hidden hair color idea

The unicorn is a magical creature that has been depicted as having a long wavy mane and bright hues. The unicorn dyeing method mixes pastel dye compositions, usually over three different hues, to create a blend full of individuality and dynamism.

The long and wavy curls of redheads or brunettes make them seem magical and majestic, just as unicorns do. These hidden hair dye ideas will turn you from a serious girl to a mischievous one in the blink of an eye.

This style is not too strict about tint and can work with any shade. So,  you can choose your tones such as bright pastel, fanciful purple-blue, or sweet pink-yellow.

Red streaks

The vibrant and catchy red manages to grab people's attention. Imagine this hue working its charm on your locks.

This tone is especially suitable for girls with the pixie cut. You will look more attractive and more powerful when each layer of the red inside is revealed.

Gold or bronze can make your light red locks look more natural by emphasizing the depth in this shade.

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Blue tone

It is also known as Indigo, the word used for blue. This dyed lock has been around for a long time but re-emerged thanks to the Pantone color of 2020: Classic Blue.

Dark-haired girls will look gorgeous with this hide dye. The appearance of black will make the inner blue-dyed layer stand out. It makes your curls, inherited from the nature of water, look both gentle and intense.

The hidden hair dye ideas use one blue or a mixture of blue tones with bright and dark intensity in order.

Millennial Pink

This hue will make your tresses look like cotton candy that is soft and sweet.

Short or medium length would be the perfect cover for bright pink. Tying up high will make a strong impression on the opposite person.

You should dye the pink according to the folds of your locks. Then, the candy cotton shade will be less revealing when you move.

High-contrasting colors

High-contrasting shades have been a dye trend since 2017 with a root-to-tip bleach and color sesh. Experts could expect rich and high contrast requirements in yellows, browns, and reds. Now, we can revive that trend in hidden hair dye ideas.

The perfect color for first-time experimenters or not big fans of experimenting, the shoulder-length waves woman also needs a simple and basic section.

This one is suitable for all curl types. Especially, these hair color ideas to hide gray beside the other brown, black, yellow, etc. It brings maturity to the ladies also.

hair color ideas to hide gray

Aquamarine blue

Aquamarine is a full coverage turquoise blue for any tresses. It means that it will still give deep teals to darker shades of unbleached or light, but not as much pigment can be applied without overwhelming lighter tones.

This hair is ideal for a blond girl, who will look brighter in this contrast.

If you want to get rid of the blue and green shade, bleach your curls. It will cover up any product used on your strands before application with a darker shade but make sure not to do this too often because fading is inevitable!

Primary or Pastel Rainbow

Rainbow is not only for children but also for the girls who love many-hued locks.

Rainbow is suitable for both long- or short-straight-locks girls. You can tie half up to show off the rainbow or let it down to cover it when needed.

The only requirement of these hidden hair dye ideas is probably dyeing in the correct order of the rainbow shades. If using primary hues, the topcoat should be black or brown. If you use pastel tones, the metallic hue will highlight it.

Pink and blue

They are the trend of 2020, which became viral by Harley Quinn's character in the Batman series.

Like Harley, the combination of these tones and the hidden hair dye ideas will complement your blonde curls wonderfully and make you look both strong and graceful.

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Pink - purple blending

The hottest new tress is a youthful and feminine combination of pink with the bonus of purple.

Pink and purple are striking hues, so this combination suits women with thick and bouncy tresses.

Alternating between pink and purple inner layers will create an eye-catching tint rotation. As a result, this harmonious color will stand out more when your head moves.

Pink - purple blending hidden hair color


This wine-tinged hue is a combination of pink, red, and purple. It is for girls who are daring and not afraid of attention.

Girls with short locks are the subject of this hue. It goes well with a black, gray, or brown shade.

Because of the inner layer, magenta is not easily seen. However, red will emerge like wine flowing around your original curls mixed with black, gray, or brown braid.


Stretch all the sections you need are represented in the aforementioned hidden hair color ideas. You can transform into a mischievous princess, a charming girl, a noble lady, a mysterious girl, etc.

The dyed shade above can hide everything in your real tresses. As long as you tie your locks up and hold your head high, you can show your true personality.

Hope this article can help you find the hidden locks shade that suits your personality! See more about many style, visit our page. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with Corner4men.com!


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