Local Makeup Brands You Should Know To Be Gorgeous And Impressive!

Apr 22, 2022
Are you looking for prestigious local makeup brands with quality products? Let's take a look at these brands below, and you will surely be impressed.


It is essential to always look and feel your best as a woman. There are many ways to do this: dress up with the latest fashion trends, get a new hairstyle or color every other week and even go on vacation! 

However, one of the easiest and most effective ways to be gorgeous is using quality makeup. That is why local makeup brands usually focus on quality to sell many products to customers. 

So what are we waiting for? Let's have a look at the top picks!

Local makeup brands in the Philippines

The greatest feeling in the world to a girl is to find a product that stays put, no matter what. From brow gels that keep your arch looking perfect all day long to lipstick shades that are not heavy at all, we all want the makeup to be the most vivid and long-lasting!

Let's check out 15 great local brands with amazing products, including some old ones that have been around forever but still manage to bring us something fresh.

Happy Skin

This famous cosmetic brand provides multi-skin products and cheap prices, which is why Pinays have always been loved and welcomed. The combination of adorable packaging and long-lasting formula in all of their products is sure to make you fall in love with them.

Ever Bilena

Ever Bilina is one of the best local makeup brands in the Philippines. The brand has always won the hearts of Filipino women with its high-quality products and reasonable prices. Try Ever Bilena's products once, you will surely be won over.

Squad Cosmetics 

If you are looking for an impressive makeup brand, here's what you need. In case you didn't know, Squad Cosmetics is the brand your favorite influencers have been raving about all year long. 

Their products should be at the top of everyone's list, and for a good reason: they are not only super pigmented but also very affordable!


Solution for lazy but still gorgeous days - Colourette is one of the top local makeup brands in the Philippines. It’s famous for its variety of makeup products, which shade beautifully with the skin tones of the Pinays.

Most Colourette products are always on Pinay's list, and you should own them too!

What to get: Colour tints, Velvetints, Easy Matte Lipsticks

Filipina Beauty 

If you're looking for a way to spice up your beauty regimen, this brand has the perfect range of products. All of the items are based on Philippine culture - which we're sure you'll be impressed by!

The plus point for you to be attracted to is how they create the name and product packaging.

Kind Beauty

Pamper your face with Kind Beauty's makeup brush sets - soft bristles with elegant and unique designs and cute pastel blue tones. All of these elegant products will make your heart flutter from the first touch.

Lip Pinas

One of the most loved local makeup brands in the Philippines is Lip-Pinas. It conquers Pinays hearts with affordable, versatile makeup products, especially because of the shades that are compatible with Pinays’ shade. 

They are always ready to transform you into a beautiful girl in less than 5 minutes.

Glitz Bish 

Do you want to have plump, attractive lips? Let Glitz Bish do it for you with a lip gloss that not only provides shine but also creates a plumping effect on the lips. Plus, their impressive scents will make your lips more attractive.

Hyper Gleam

Hypergleam's line of clear and tinted glosses is the perfect accessory for your pout. From luminous shine to rich pigmentation, you're covered with this cosmetic range! 

It also comes in a beautiful aesthetic and a package that will make any vanity green with envy.

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Colorbar Beauty

Colorbar Beauty products are among the top choices for Filipino girls. For succulent lips, try their gloss! If you like a matte, not glowy finish without being greasy - then ColorBars powder tints are just what your lips need to last all day long. 

The best part? These affordable options make them an easy addition to any beauty arsenal!


You're a makeup beginner and don't know what products to buy or where to start. Then come to Careline, here it has everything you need at a price to suit every pocket. This is one of the cheap local makeup brands Philippines that you don’t want to miss out on.

Hey Hue

Say goodbye to boring black and brown eyeliners. Now you can experiment with the cutest watercolors or pastel-activated eyeliner at HeyHue. They also sell super cute candy-color makeup brush sets.

Cray Cosmetics

In 2021, monochromatic looks will not be slowing down. When you need to look pretty ASAP, grab a tint from Cray, and you won't be disappointed at all! 

They come in many different shades so that one tint can work as both a concealer or just be used to lighten up dark circles under eyes with no other makeup on top.

The Sunbeam Factory

Sunbeam Factory's transparent and colored lip gloss products always capture the hearts of girls who love natural makeup products.

Spotlight Cosmetics

Spotlight Cosmetics is the best in makeup for pros. They have an affordable price range and will help you generate a lovely appearance with their selection of products!

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5 Hacks For Filipino To Get A “No Makeup” Look

Focus on your skin first

Good looks without makeup are all about having glowing skin. 

To get good skin, you need to carefully choose your skincare products and make sure they are made for the type of skin you will be using, whether it is oily or dry.

  • If you have oily skin, choose products that are oil-free and well-moisturized.
  • If you have dry skin, look for deep moisturizing products rich in nutrients to keep skin moist and smooth so that makeup is smooth and looks more natural.

Go for a lightweight base

The no-makeup look is all about natural skin, which means that a lightweight base like water-based foundation and tinted moisturizer or BB cream would be best for you. 

Then, apply your chosen product with clean fingers or a damp sponge to create an even second-skin finish! We will get rid of any breakouts and dark circles soon but don't worry - these are common side effects when going nude from makeup in general. 

Don't forget to choose the foundation shade closest to your skin tone.

Dab a cream blush on your cheeks

A youthful complexion is one of the best ways to show off your natural beauty. Blush will not only help you look younger, but it will also give you that healthy glow we all strive for! 

Try the cream blush once; you will surely fall in love since they're easy to use, absorb into the skin, and help you look natural all day long.

Opt for natural-looking brows

Big, bold brows are beautiful, but try feathery arches for the no-makeup look with a natural finish. Use colored eyebrow gel and brush the hairs into a bushy effect with strand-like strokes in sparse areas where the effect of a thin pencil works great too!

Apply lip tint to your pout

Tinting the pout can be a quick and easy way to light up your face in just one application. You may also want to opt for more than one tint throughout the day if you are going out or even on days when there's snow outside!


In today's society, being confident with your appearance is more important than ever. We have compiled a list of local makeup brands to give you a look you need to rock! 

Check out these amazing products and find one that suits your needs best. Also, try these tips and tricks for a no-makeup look for Filipino girls.

Thank you, and we will see you soon at our page Lifestyles, our beautiful girls! If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with Corner4men.com




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